Teen Driver Auto Insurance Quotes

What should you know about teen car insurance rates? It will be higher than you are accustomed to seeing every policy period. However, there are a couple options on how you can help your new teen driver get where she needs to go.

Adding a Teen to Your Auto Policy

The benefit of having your teenage driver on your policy is that all your discounts will be applied to the new driver. These may include discounts such as homeowner, being married, and multi-car. Although you will see a premium increase you may see overall cost savings to your family. In addition, your child will be able to drive other vehicles on the policy with insurance protection.

Getting Your Young Driver a Separate Policy

Another option may be to purchase a separate policy for your teen driver. The benefit is that your car insurance premiums will remain the same as long as your teen is excluded from driving the vehicles on your policy. The downside of this method is that your teen will be limited to the use of the vehicle listed on her own policy. It is important to weigh these costs and benefits when deciding the best insurance plan for your teen.

Away at College Auto Insurance Coverage

What happens when your teen decides to move away for college? It depends. If your teen will not take a vehicle and she is currently on your plan, then you may be able to get a discount. Since the driver will be away at school, it will equate to cheaper car insurance premiums. In the case that a car is taken to school out-of-state, then it is definitely a wise choice to consult with your agent. There may be an additional cost that must be paid and it may be a good idea to shop around.

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