Discount Auto Insurance – Let Us Now Praise Free Market Competition

The Laws of Supply and Demand have proven over and over that competition creates superior products, better service and lower prices. This has certainly been the case with automobile insurance. Because insurance companies can sell policies interstate, you

Cheap Texas Auto Insurance

Looking for cheap Texas auto insurance? There are a number of factors to determine the relative affordability of the auto insurance quotes you’re likely to receive in the Lone Star State.

Small Business Insurance Quotes for Workers’ Insurance Coverage

One of the best ways to save money when looking for small business insurance quotes is to only buy the coverage you need. Depending on where you live, you may need two or three types of state-mandated insurances covering workers.

Discount Auto Insurance: Save with Anti-Theft Devices

Over one million cars are stolen each year in the U.S., equivalent to one theft every 25 seconds. According to the National Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, trucks and SUVs are the top targets. Surprisingly, BMWs and similar high-end rides aren’t b

Car Insurance for Teenagers. Graduated Licenses Can Help Lower Teen Insurance Costs.

Your 16 year-old novice driver may be the most cautious, thoughtful, law-abiding kid on the planet, but statistically he’s part of an extremely high-risk group as far the insurance companies are concerned.

Whole Life Insurance. How Much Do You Need?

It’s called whole life insurance because, as long as you keep current on your premiums, it covers you for your whole life. Contrast that to term life insurance, which only provides coverage for the period (or term) specified in your policy.

Cheap California Auto Insurance

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal pointed out that driving a car has never been safer, pointing out that “the rate of fatalities per 100 million miles of vehicle travel on U.S. roads is at its lowest…since the mid-70s.” So why is it so hard to f

Affordable Health Insurance. Low Cost Health Insurance. Cheap Health Insurance. Do Any of These Exist?

As unemployment continues to rise, many people who’ve always depended on their employers for health care are finding themselves in unfamiliar territory. For some the first shock comes when they get the COBRA cost and actually learn what the average monthl

Cheap Illinois Auto Insurance

Looking for cheap Illinois auto insurance? There are a number of factors to determine the relative affordability of the auto insurance quotes you’re likely to receive in the Land of Lincoln.

How to Shop for Individual Health Insurance Quotes Online

If you have health insurance provided by an employer, you don’t have to do much at all

Finding Cheap Sports Car Insurance

Insuring your shiny fast ride can add thousands of dollars to cost of ownership over the life of the car…unless you’re a savvy shopper. Here’s what you need to know to help you find cheap sports car insurance (or at least reasonably priced).

How to Avoid Workers Comp Fraud and Get Cheap Workers Comp Insurance

If you’re an employer looking for cheap workers compensation insurance, you can thank the fraudsters among us for rising premiums. But, you can also fight back to lower your workers compensation insurance quotes.

Homeowners Insurance with Dog Bites Coverage

Fido may be like a member of the family, but from an insurance standpoint, your pooch is a big hairy liability and a lawsuit waiting to happen. Do you have enough homeowners insurance to cover your assets if your dog decides to take a chunk out of a house

Looking to Save Money on Insurance? Don’t Buy What You Don’t Need.

There are plenty of insurance policies you DO need that are going to take a bite out of your budget. You can and should shop for cheap insurance quotes online to hold down costs, but you can also save money on insurance by NOT buying policies you don’t ne

Fraudulent Car Insurance Claims Cost You Money

The cost of car insurance scams increases the amount insurance companies have to spend to investigate and prosecute suspected crimes.

Want Cheap Car Insurance? Get the Right Vehicle.

Car insurance probably isn’t top of mind when you’re out shopping for a vehicle. While you’re kicking the tires, deliberating over color, weighing the options and considering the mileage, and haggling over the price, give a little thought to how much your

When and How to File a Homeowners Insurance Policy Claim?

Waiting will delay the processing of your claim, diminish your memory of the incident and may even result in greater damage. However, there are a couple of things you should do first to facilitate the claim-filing process.

Divorce and Your Car Insurance Policy

If you’ve always left financial matters up to your spouse, the paperwork and responsibilities that come your way at the end of your marriage can be overwhelming. But overlooking certain things can have devastating consequences. Your car insurance policy i