Condo Owner Insurance Coverage

When shopping for condominium owners insurance quotes, make sure the quotes you obtain provide you with enough coverage for your valuables.

Health Insurance: Shopping for Long Term Care Insurance

Look for a reputable, experienced provider of individual comprehensive long term care insurance coverage

Business Truck Insurance for Cargo

Your legal liability under this type of business truck insurance will differ depending on whether you are a common carrier or a contract carrier. Basically, as a common carrier you assume full responsibility for the safe delivery of the cargo you’re hauli

Moving Your Business Into Your Home? What’s Covered By A Homeowners Insurance Policy?

oftentimes Homeowners Insurance Policies and Condominium Owners Insurance Policies limit coverage for tangible business property to a specific dollar amount, i.e. $10,000.

Health Insurance: Invest in Long Term Care Insurance - Part I

Don’t pick a long term care insurance policy with a time limit. You want lifetime long term care coverage.

Truckers Insurance Basics – Commercial Truck Liability Insurance

All truck drivers are required by federal law to carry commercial truck liability insurance.

Will You Outlive Your Life Insurance Company?

You can usually obtain the life insurance company rating information for free online, although if you want a detailed report from A.M. Best it will cost you $75 per request.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance - Because Law Suits Happen

Employment practices liability insurance coverage typically applies only to claims made by full-time employees.

Homeowners Flood Insurance – An Umbrella of Protection

Your normal homeowners insurance policy does not provide flood coverage.

Life Insurance Part 2 - What Kind of Life Insurance Should You Get?

Life insurance companies package life insurance policies with lots of different names, but there are essentially two choices. You can choose permanent life insurance, also called whole life insurance, or the typically more affordable term life insurance

Who Needs Workers’ Compensation Insurance? Maybe It’s You.

Every state has different laws governing workers compensation insurance, so you’ll want to check with your state’s insurance commission or an insurance agent for specific details, but typically you’re required to carry workers compensation insurance if yo

Car Insurance and the Auto Industry Woes - Will Your Auto Insurance Go Up As America’s Auto Makers Go Down?

One of the problems you may encounter in the future as you shop for car insurance quotes is that slow car sales may ultimately push some smaller companies out of the auto insurance business, leaving fewer providers and less choice, according to some econo

Classic Car Insurance - Protect the Value of Your Vintage Car

Classic car insurance providers may also require that your vehicle never be used for business or commercial purposes and that it not be your primary transportation vehicle.

Life Insurance Part 1 - Who Needs Life Insurance Coverage

Before you go looking for life insurance quotes, ask yourself a fundamental question: do you really need life insurance? Not everyone does.

Student Medical Insurance – A Must-Have for the College-Bound

If you’re a college-bound young adult without parental assistance, you definitely should be getting student medical insurance quotes before you head for school in the fall

Temporary Health Insurance Coverage

Also called Short Term Medical temporary insurance, this affordable health coverage provides a vital safety net in case of illness or accident until you can afford or qualify for long-term health insurance.

No Fault Car Insurance Basics

No Fault Car Insurance is a concept originally adopted in some form by 24 states between 1970 and 1975.

Health Savings Accounts – An Affordable Health Insurance Option

Health Savings Accounts were created by the Medicare bill of 2003 to help people save money tax-free to pay for qualified medical and health expenses now and in the future.