Mortgage Protection Insurance - Do You Need It?

Protection Insurance makes sure your family can keep the roof over their heads if you die. PMI covers a portion of your loan if you default and pays the benefit to your lender.

Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies - Says Who?

Well, it depends on whose list you access and what criteria were used to make the assessment.

Build Your Own Discount Auto Insurance - Seek Out Savings on Car Coverage

Discounts are available from many companies if you buy more than one policy from them. Lump your boat insurance, motorcycle insurance and both car insurance policies in with your homeowner insurance and you could see significant savings on insurance in ge

Cheap Car Insurance for a Young Driver

The average cost of car insurance for a teenager may add 100 percent or more to your automobile insurance policy. And that’s if junior maintains a decent driving record. Tack on a moving violation and get ready to take out a second mortgage

Low Cost Health Insurance - Part I: COBRA Bites

Your employer is required by law to give you a COBRA insurance election notice within 14 days after “the plan administration receive notice that a qualifying event has occurred.” You have 60 days to decide whether to go with COBRA insurance. If you do, yo

Medical Insurance Musts for the Newly Unemployed

If you have a job, chances are good that some or all of your health insurance policy is covered by your employer. But if you’re newly unemployed and not a trust fund baby, you’re going to need low-cost health insurance.

The Logic Behind Auto Insurance Quotes

Armed with actuarial tables, auto insurance companies can scientifically calculate their level of risk. Many factors and variables play a role in calculating your risk as potential holder of an auto insurance policy.

Commercial General Liability Insurance - Certificates of Insurance

A certificate of insurance is a piece of paper, usually one page, which serves as proof that your business is insured.

Commercial General Liability Insurance - Additional Insured Coverage

An “additional insured” is a person or business that is specifically included as an insured under the policy issued to your business.

Homeowners Insurance and Commercial General Liability Insurance – No License to Kill

Homeowners Insurance and Commercial General Liability Insurance is meant to cover accidental loss or injury, not intentional loss.

Searching For Health Insurance Quotes - What Type of Health Insurance Is Right For You?

HMOs generally require you to see your primary care doctor before seeing a specialist; whereas PPOs generally have larger networks of doctors that are covered under your plan and allow greater flexibility if you choose to see a doctor that is outside of t

Health Insurance Quotes - Financial Considerations

With respect to any policy you are considering, you’ll want to know what your contribution will be.

Homeowners Insurance - The Big Litigation Expense Benefit

One of the biggest benefits of homeowners insurance, condominium owners insurance and renters insurance is that most policies require the insurance company to defend you in a lawsuit if you are sued for covered damages.

The Basics Of An Insurance Policy

There is more to an insurance policy than what it costs you. In order to accurately compare one policy with another, you need to know more than just what the premium is. You need to know what each of the policies covers in order to understand if the polic

Lowering The Cost Of Homeowners Insurance

One of the ways to reduce your premium is somewhat beyond your control – a good claims history. Of course, the best claims history is to have had no claims.

Commercial Auto Liability Policies for Businesses

As liability caused by an automobile is excluded under Commercial General Liability Insurance policies, make sure to consider purchasing a Commercial Vehicle Liability Policy to protect your business.

Homeowners Condominium Owners and Renters Insurance – Protecting Your Valuables

it is important to take your valuables into consideration. You can obtain a “personal articles floater” which specifically insures your individual valuable items for which there may be limited or no coverage otherwise.

Commercial General Liability Insurance – A Must For All Businesses

The typical CGL policy will cover your business for certain specific losses. Specifically, in the event you or the company are sued for “bodily injury,” “property damage,” “personal injury” or “advertising injury,” the typical CGL policy will provide cove