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International Insurance Quotes

If you are a US citizen living abroad, traditional sources of US private health insurance will not meet your needs. Geographical exclusions and provider limitations common to these policies will restrict or even eliminate the coverage available to you while you are outside the US. At the same time, you may not be eligible for participation in the government sponsored plans in the country where you reside.

You may wish to have access to health care in other countries, including the US, in the event you become seriously ill while traveling. If you are a non-US citizen, you may need an international medical insurance policy to supplement the coverage available to you through your government sponsored plan, or to provide coverage while you are outside your home country.

What International Insurance Is Not

International Health Insurance is not standard Personal Health Insurance. Although such plans often offer many or all of the same benefits, the complexity and cost of dealing with potentially dozens of different health-care systems render international health plans far more expensive than traditional, US-based policies.

Who Needs International Insurance?

If you live or work overseas, or travel internationally on a routine basis, then an International Health policy may serve you well. If you are only planning to be out of the country for a short period—say, a two-week vacation to Europe—consider a far less expensive Travel Insurance package instead.

Things To Think About

Where do you travel? How often? Do you know what would happen to you if you became injured? How would you pay for your hospital stay?

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