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The E-Insure Services, Inc. group makes public releases available on its website for news reporting and broadcast media use. Being a trusted and top provider of access to online insurance quotes and information for Auto, Health, Home, Business, and Life Insurance coverage information and quotes, we are always interested in sharing our activities with the public, media, and our industry.

Year 2014


eINSURE Your Future Scholarship Program Ensures America's Bright Future - Winnner Announcement

Description eINSURE awards it's inaugural scholarship award to a young writer who wants to make the Millennial Generation read.
Headline’s New Spokesperson Phil Says “Make Them Fight for Your Business”

Description New Ad Campaign Punches Up Better Insurance Comparisons and Bigger Savings

eINSURE Your Future Scholarship Program Ensures America's Bright Future

Description New Scholarship from eINSURE Is Open to Qualified Students in All Majors

Year 2013


Auto Insurance Quotes for the Top Selling Cars in 2013

Description Which top-selling 2013 vehicle gets the best insurance rates? EINSURANCE has the answer.

Year 2012


Sandy's Effect on the Used Car Market

Description With Sandy here and gone, consumers can look to the past for a glimpse of how the once in a hundred year storm may affect the amount of flood damaged vehicles in the used car market. Einsurance speaks with the National Insurance Crime Bureau to find out what consumers can do.

Four Things to Know About Infertility Without Having a Celebrity’s Bank Account

Description Bill and Giuliana Rancic just had a healthy baby boy despite complications. writer discusses various health insurance options available to couples experiencing difficulties conceiving.

Year 2011


Einsurance Teams Up with My Vault(R) “Flashing Hurts” and “Exflashers” Rehab Campaign – Urges Clients to Move Insurance Documents from Flash Drives to My Vault(R)

Description Nobody knows exactly how many USB Flash drives are lost, stolen or left plugged into someone else’s computer every year. But they are a notoriously unsafe way to store confidential data. has teamed up with My Vault (R), a top-tier secure online safe deposit storage service, to promote a safer, more secure way to store and retrieve select private digital assets. urges clients who are currently storing sensitive information such as insurance policies and insurance applications on USB Flash drives to take advantage of the My Vault(R) “exflasher” 50% discount campaign and store their insurance documents on My Vault (R). The discount is part of My Vault’s recently launched “Flashing Hurts” website that takes an attention-grabbing look at the risky lure of Flash drives and shows how their loss and subsequent data breach affects the privacy of millions.

The Laugh's on with Debut of New Murphy's Insurance Law Comic Strip

Description, a free online platform for competitive quotes for a variety of insurance products, injects some much-needed humor into a traditionally stodgy subject with the launch of “Murphy’s Insurance Law.” The new weekly strip takes a lighthearted look at what can go wrong without the right insurance coverage. It accompanies a podcast and article on the featured topic, and can be seen at EInsurance at

Research Compares Auto Insurance Policies for Good, Bad and Drunk Drivers: The $3,000 Dollar Difference

Description A good driving record or a bad driving record can mean a difference of thousands of dollars a year on auto insurance, according to new research from E-Insure Services, Inc. The Chicago-based online insurance resource researched competitive online quotes from six major auto insurance companies using three driving record scenarios. The results showed policy prices for auto insurance coverage ranging from a low of $90.79 per month to a high of $347.86. This article includes a chart from the research and tips for saving on auto insurance policies.

Year 2010


E-Insure Services offers content under Creative Commons Licensing

Description E-Insure Services ( supports sharing certain types of insurance content and information in a compiled directory using the open source licensing methods provided by Creative Commons. Insurance information on our website that is covered by this licensing method is designed to be contributed to, improved upon, shared in kind, or reused with proper reference to authoring source. Any content that is subject to this electronic form of licensing will be indicated as such by displaying a noticeable icon alongside that type of content.

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