3 Things You Need For Cheap Auto Insurance Rates

Can You really save hundreds on car insurance? Insurers would definitely like for you to think so. However, who the “You” applies to can vary. Every insurance carrier has a proprietary formula to calculate its premium rate. If an insurer thinks you pose a good risk, then it will show you with low car insurance rates. Otherwise, you are better off staying with your current company.

How to Get Cheap Auto Insurance Rates?

The only true way to know how much you will pay is by receiving quotes directly from the insurer. Filling out online insurance forms may take a couple minutes. After reading how to save time, start an auto insurance quote. Below we outline 3 things you need to speed up this process and, hopefully, find you $500 dollars – or more.

1. Driver’s License

Many online insurance forms ask for your driver’s license. Certain carriers have access to your State’s records to verify your traffic and accident history. By withholding this information, you may get a best guess rate that may rise when the carrier checks with your State. In addition, if a carrier finds out that material, or important, information was kept from them when you signed up, then it is potentially grounds for denying your claim. It is a good idea that you are upfront with your insurer.

2. Vehicle Registration

If you do not know the make, model, and year of your car or truck, then the vehicle registration will become more than handy. Not only does it include your vehicle description, it has the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). It will eventually be necessary that you provide this information, so you might as well get it out of the way.

3. Current Insurance Policy

Having your current insurance policy in front of you will become handy to compare your rates on an apples-to-apples basis. The default options on each insurer’s form do vary. If you know that your current policy is exactly the coverage you need, then you can use it to quickly choose the coverage you desire.

If you have ever wondered if you can really save money by switching car insurance, then having these items will help you do it fast and easy. Interestingly enough, the author did in fact save about $500 a year on auto insurance after comparing 4 companies. The fastest time registered in this writer’s office is 4 minutes and 43 seconds. Is it possible to finish a quote faster? Comment below with your times or other time saving suggestions.


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