The Vicious Cycle of Poor Sleep, Depression and Chronic Pain

Overcome the Cycle of Poor Sleep, Depression and Chronic Pain The recommended amount of sleep is seven hours. Sleeping less, or more, affects us both physically and mentally. Breaking the resulting cycle of poor sleep, depression and chronic pain can be difficult. Many people have trouble getting to and staying asleep. Sleep deprivation, where you […]

6 Common Car Insurance Myths

Six Common Car Insurance Myths The ins and outs of buying auto insurance can be complicated, confusing and frustrating, so small wonder there are a lot of false assumptions about coverage and many common car insurance myths. 1. The more you pay for a car, the higher the cost your auto insurance. Not exactly. Car […]

Small Business Tax Deductions Checklist That Saves You Money

Save Money with a Checklist for Small Business Tax Deductions As they say, the two things you can count on in life are death and taxes. We can’t do anything about death (yet!), but as a small business owner you can manage your taxes to save. Since tax rules seem to change frequently, we’ve put […]

Why Minimal Car Insurance Is A Bad Idea

Minimum Car Insurance: Why It Could Be a Costly Way to Go These days, a lot of us are looking for ways to save. Car insurance is one area you may be tempted to pare down to save, but really, minimum car insurance coverage can end up costing you. What looks like a good deal […]

Key Man Insurance: Does Your Business Need It?

Key Man Insurance Definition If your business’s success depends on one or two people, including business owners and founders, you might need to protect your business with what is known as key man insurance policy. With key man, or key employee, coverage the business owns the policy, pays premiums and is beneficiary. Should a key […]

How to Speed Up Your Car Insurance Claims

How to Speed Up Car Insurance Claims When you file an auto claim, your provider will likely to do everything possible to speed up car insurance claims process. Still, there are many variables that influence how quickly a claim can be resolved. How quickly things move along depends on: Your insurance provider The state you’re […]

Cancer Insurance Guide Before You Buy

Cancer Insurance Guide: What You Should Know Before You Buy Cancer is the second most prevalent cause of death the U.S. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cancer kills about 1,600 Americans a day. Does this mean you should purchase a cancer insurance policy? Maybe, but maybe not. When you’re thinking […]

How to Prepare Your Home for a Hurricane

7 Steps to Preparing Your Home for a Hurricane The data shows that North Atlantic hurricanes have continued to increase in intensity, duration and frequency since the 1980s. With climate change, this will get worse according to climate scientists. If you live in a hurricane prone area, you need to take steps to prepare. There […]

Self Driving Cars Pros and Cons 2019

Self Driving Cars: Consider the Pros and Cons From the looks of it, self driving cars are almost here. Some are already on the road being tested, to not-always good results. Proponents say, when they’re perfected autonomous vehicles will get us where we want to go without the stress of having to actually drive. Detractors […]

What Is Preventive Care?

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, preventive care, also called preventative care, must be included with ACA Marketplace policies and most other health insurance plans. This service can save you money and help you stay healthy. Preventive Care Definition Regular preventive care lets health care providers stay on top of any health issues you might […]

Prescription Drug Prices Are Falling

Are Prescription Drug Prices Really Falling? In March, the U.S. government announced that prescription drug prices went down by 1% in February, the biggest decline in a single month. According to MarketWatch.com, drug costs are falling for the first time in almost 50 years. Too good to be true? Maybe. In March 2019, the U.S. […]

Top 4 Business Insurance Products Every Startup Needs

4 Top Business Insurance Products You Need for Your Startup A lot of hard work—and money—goes into starting your own business. If you’re an entrepreneur who is going to grow a startup, you’ll need to protect the business assets, board members, employees with business insurance products. Get to know the following business insurance products coverage […]

Why Do Auto Insurance Rates Continue to Rise?

Why Do Auto Insurance Rates Continue to Go Up? Even if you have an immaculate driving record with a minimal number of claims submitted to your provider, you have probably noticed that auto insurance rates continue to increase. Several factors have led to the increase, but bottom line is that auto insurance companies have run […]

Driving Habits That Affect Your Fuel Economy

Driving Habits That Affect Your Car’s Fuel Economy With gas prices going through the roof these days, you might be more aware of your gas mileage. Certain driving habits and conditions that come with aggressive driving impair miles per gallon (MPG). Driving habits affect fuel economy. By driving appropriately, you can save by some pretty […]

6 Ways to Fireproof Your House

Six Ways to Fireproof Your Home Research tells us that on average 80% of fire deaths and 74% of fire injuries were caused by home fires (2012 – 2016). The leading cause (40%) of home fires are related to cooking. The National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) reports that overall the Top 10 Preventable Causes of […]

What To Do If You Get A Speeding Ticket?

Do You Know What to Do When You Get A Speeding Ticket? The dreaded speeding ticket. Dealing with it can be a headache and it can cost you, in fines and in dings on your auto insurance coverage. If you’ve never experienced a speeding ticket, just remember there’s a first time for everything. Are you […]

Car Insurance For College Students

How to Buy Car Insurance for College Students When it’s time to leave home and go to college, there are plenty of odds and ends to figure out, including car insurance. Should the student stay on her parents’ insurance policy? Or is it better to have her own coverage separate from her parents’ plan? Let’s […]

Senior Life Insurance: What Does It Offer?

Here’s What Senior Life Insurance Offers It’s not cheap to die. At least for those left behind to pay for funeral and medical expenses. As a senior, you may opt to purchase a senior life insurance policy to remove that burden from your dependents and loved ones. According to the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), […]