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Life Insurance and the Millennial Generation

When you are young and healthy, you can feel invincible.…

Things Change: When to Update Your Life Insurance

Life happens. Does that life insurance policy you bought…
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Life Insurance for Men vs. Women

Women may pay more for certain kinds of products and services,…
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What’s the Difference: Term, Whole, and Universal Life Insurance

Fundamentally, death benefits are for the living. We purchase…
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How Your Job Affects Your Life Insurance Premiums

You’re in good health, you don’t smoke, you’re not…

Who Will You Name as Your Life Insurance Beneficiary?

When purchasing a life insurance policy, the biggest consideration…

Will You Pay More for Life Insurance If You Smoke E-Cigarettes or Marijuana?

Whether you smoke it or chew it, if you use tobacco products,…
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Marijuana and Life Insurance

It should come as a shock to nobody that life insurance companies penalize smokers with higher premiums or even outright refusal to issue a policy. But now that more than 20 states now allow marijuana use for medicinal purposes and voters in four states h

Life Insurance Provides Peace of Mind for College Loan Cosigners

No parent wants to think about losing a child, but sometimes the unthinkable happens. When that child is a college student with a loan you cosigned, along with the grief you’ll suffer, you could also be saddled with crushing debt. A simple life insurance

Life Settlements - Smart Strategy or Risky Business?

Maybe you’ve heard the TV or radio ads offering to buy your life insurance policy and wondered what that was all about. The industry term for such a transaction is a life settlement. Simply put, a life settlement is the sale of your existing life insuranc

The Right Way to Pick Your Life Insurance Beneficiary

The biggest reason to buy life insurance is because you want to do the right thing and leave those who depend on your protected instead of burdened with crushing financial debt.

Why You Haven’t Bought Life Insurance Yet

Unlike car insurance and health insurance, there is no legal requirement to buy a life insurance policy. And given that you have a lot of other things to spend your money on, you’re probably in no hurry to rush out there and commit to monthly life insuran

Finding the Money to Fund Your Life Insurance Policy

Finding the Money to Fund Your Life Insurance Policy

Live Long & Prosper in the New Year: Tips to Increase Longevity

This article gives a few pointers on how to increase life expectancy.

Employer Provided Group Life Insurance Basics

What does employer-provided life insurance cover? What are the limitations of employer-provided coverage?

Why Gens X and Y Don’t Buy Life Insurance

Many Gen X and Gen Y Americans have no life insurance, or are under-insured. Find out more about this risky trend.

Do Electronic Cigarette Users Pay More for Life Insurance?

Do electronic cigarette's effect the cost of a life insurance policy?

Is Your Life Worth Insuring?

Find out what life insurance companies look for in an insured. Not all insurers are the same, and what is not insurable for one company can be an acceptable risk for another.