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Life insurance journal archives serve to provide summaries of latest life insurance related news and information.

It helps customers learn what life insurance is and how to choose life insurance to protect your family members.

From term life insurance coverage, whole life insurance policy, to universal life insurance coverage, EINSURANCE always offers our best efforts to help you find the right life insurance coverage.

Why Gens X and Y Don’t Buy Life Insurance

Many Gen X and Gen Y Americans have no life insurance, or are under-insured. Find out more about this risky trend.
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Do Electronic Cigarette Users Pay More for Life Insurance?

Do electronic cigarette's effect the cost of a life insurance policy?

Is Your Life Worth Insuring?

Find out what life insurance companies look for in an insured. Not all insurers are the same, and what is not insurable for one company can be an acceptable risk for another.
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What States Are the Most Dangerous To Live In?

Find out what are the most dangerous states in 2013 by accidental death rates.

How Much Does Life Insurance Really Cost? A Helpful Guide for Young Professionals

Is Life Insurance really to costly for you? Many millennials overestimate the cost of life insurance significantly. Find out how cheap life insurance can be.
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Term Life, Whole Life—Do You Need Multiple Life Insurance Policies?

EInsurance explains when having multiple term life and whole life insurance policies could be the best long-term strategy.
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Is Life Insurance Tax Deductible?

What is the tax on life insurance payout? Are life insurance premiums tax deductible? EInsurance guides you through the IRS life insurance tax code.
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10 Things to Consider When Buying Term Life Insurance

10 Steps to Consider When Buying Term Life Insurance
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Consumer Debt is on the Rise: Time to Review Your Life Insurance?

Debt is on the rise, and life insurance coverage is down.
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Scientist Discover Some People Don’t Need life Insurance!

Find out if you are lucky enough not to need life insurance.
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Term Life for the College Graduate

Student discusses the need for life insurance to protect loved ones from debt in case the worst should happen.
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Predictive Modeling and Your Insurance Premiums

Computer programs are determining what you pay for almost every kind of insurance. Learn more and shop for competitive insurance bids at
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Fast Facts About Insurance Policy Backdating

Get fast facts about backdating insurance policies for life insurance, car insurance and health insurance
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Is Decreasing Term Insurance a Bargain?

Cheap mortgage decreasing term insurance will pay off your mortgage if you die, but is it a bargain or a bad deal. Find out and get life insurance quotes at
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Do Life Insurance Benefits Expire?

Learn more about life insurance death benefits and shop for life insurance policy quotes at
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Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits

Get tips on how to find unclaimed life insurance benefits and quotes for term life and whole life policies at
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Cover Your Risk Gaps with Umbrella Insurance

Gaps in your insurance can create big liabilities. Cover your risks with personal umbrella insurance and gets insurance quotes online at
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Who Buys Life Insurance and Why

Having a baby? Looking for a safe place to put your money? Consider life insurance. Get tips and competitive life insurance quotes at