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It helps customers to learn all insurance topics ranging from how to choose insurance, how to save money when buying insurance, what to do and not to do when accidents happen to how to optimize your website, what insurance is tax deductible, how to write sample insurance cancellation letter and more.

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claims made vs. occurrence policiesEINSURANCE

Insurance 101 – What Is It And Why Do I Need It?

Insurance only covers an unexpected, accidental loss. You can’t go out and purchase insurance after your home has been destroyed by a tornado or fire.

Insurance – Sample Cancellation Letter

The first step prior to writing the cancellation letter is to look to your policy to see if there are any provisions regarding cancellation and notification of your insurer. There may be instructions regarding how to cancel your policy – how many days not
claims made vs. occurrence policiesEINSURANCE

Insurance Monkey Business

Odd stories about insurance humor and funny insurance stories
claims made vs. occurrence policiesEINSURANCE

Claims-Made VS Occurrence Policies

There are two primary types of insurance policy forms: occurrence and claims-made. Occurrence forms cover losses that happen during a given period of time (the policy term). A claims-made form has value, but no guarantee of continued insurablity.
claims made vs. occurrence policiesEINSURANCE

How Does Honesty Apply To Insurance?

It is important to be honest on all insurance applications and claims to avoid the possibility of problems on coverage for any future claims.
claims made vs. occurrence policiesEINSURANCE

How Do I Choose An Insurance Company?

Choosing insurance should be based on licensing in your state, price, financially sound insurance companies, service and comfort
claims made vs. occurrence policiesEINSURANCE

What To Do in a Power Failure

Our nation’s infrastructure is aging. Power outages that are merely annoying in summer can become life-threatening in winter. Use these hints and tips to protect you from the impact of winter weather on your home and help you stay safe and warm when winte
claims made vs. occurrence policiesEINSURANCE

Is There A Difference Between Insurance Cancellation And Nonrenewal?

The difference between insurance nonrenewal and insurance cancelation