Cheap California Auto Insurance

Cheap California Auto Insurance

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal pointed out that driving a car has never been safer, pointing out that “the rate of fatalities per 100 million miles of vehicle travel on U.S. roads is at its lowest…since the mid-70s.” So why is it so hard to find cheap California auto insurance? Shouldn’t a big drop in fatal accidents translate into cheap car insurance? Not necessarily.

Insurance providers base their rates on lots of factors, including accident statistics. But some data carry more weight than others when it’s time to determine auto insurance premiums. Do you have lots of speeding tickets or a DUI? Obviously, your personal driving record is going to play a major role in whether you can find cheap auto insurance quotes.  But there are many others things that weigh in.

Auto Premiums Factors You Should Know

Are you a man? Men have more accidents and traffic violations, so if you’re a guy, insurance companies assume there’s a higher probability that you’ll be filing a claim. Are you single or young? Unmarried drivers and teens are another statistically at-risk group.  Cheap auto insurance quotes are going to be a little harder to find. Are you getting on in years? Statistically, older drivers with impaired vision and slower reaction time have more accidents, so they pay higher premiums. Have you only been driving a short while? You’re an unknown commodity, so you can count on higher premiums until you’ve proven yourself. The same is true if there’s a significant lapse in auto insurance coverage. It raises the insurance providers’ collective eyebrows and gets you assigned to a higher risk category.

The type of vehicle you drive carries a lot of weight in determining premiums. Owning a sports cars, luxury car, high-value car or exotic car can prevent you from finding cheap California auto insurance.

Do you drive a lot? Excessive mileage is another determining factor in car insurance quotes. In California, where there are many drivers with long daily commutes, the odds are good that sooner or later you’re going to be involved in an accident. This will be reflected in your car insurance quotes.

Free Auto Insurance Quotes From Einsruance

Fortunately, you can use the Internet to easily compare plans in your quest for cheap auto insurance quotes. Just remember that price alone should not be your sole reason for selecting one plan over another. Yes, you want affordable auto insurance, but you also want adequate coverage and responsive claim service.



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