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When looking for insurance quotes separately for your vehicles, home, business, health and life insurance, you could go online. But you probably have better things to do than spend hour upon hour trying to evaluate and compare multiple quotes from companies you may know nothing about. There’s an easier way – EINSURANCE.com.

EINSURANCE.com is not an insurance company, but they will help you find the online quote to meet your specific needs for a variety of insurance products, all from one convenient website.

Just select the category of free insurance quotes you’re looking for: Auto, Business, Life, Health, Home or Specialty such as Travel Insurance, Personal Umbrella Insurance or Watercraft Insurance. Submit your zip code and you’ll be taken to a list of EINSURANCE trusted partners. EINSURANCE works with many of the nation’s top insurance providers. Just choose one to begin the secure, encrypted quote application process. Apply to as many companies as you like. Your free insurance quotes (and nothing but your quotes, unless you opt otherwise) will be delivered directly to the email inbox you specify in your application.

For example, I selected Dental Insurance from the EINSURANCE insurance products list and entered my zip code. I was immediately shown the Top 5 dental insurance plans for my area, along with their lowest plan cost, a brief overview of deductible, co-pay and maximum benefit (with clickable explanations of what each of those things means – a very handy feature for the insurance-language impaired). I was also able to click on a more detailed explanation of the plan benefits and, best of all, I was able to use a search function to locate dentists in my area who accept the plan. Moving forward, I completed and submitted the application form. Within a few minutes, I received an email telling me my application was being processed. I suspect I’ll have dental insurance coverage by the time I finish writing this journal entry. Pretty cool. Throughout the process, I was repeatedly assured that I could stop it at any point with no obligation. I was also cautioned not to drop any current insurance coverage until I had received confirmation that my application was accepted.

In addition to auto insurance quotes, life insurance quotes, health insurance quotes and business and home insurance quotes, EINSURANCE now also offers general financial services quotes. You can get vehicle loan and financing information, fidelity and surety bond quotes, home mortgage and home equity loan information, mortgage refinance information and debt consolidation information, using the same simple process. Next time you need a free insurance quote and you don’t want to go on a wild goose chase, try the EINSURANCE way of quick, convenient one-stop insurance quote shopping.


EINSURANCE is a one stop shop for insurance quotes comparison. Our writers, researchers, and industry experts all work together to inform consumers about online insurance marketplace. Whether you’re buying your first car insurance policy or finding health insurance for your families, EINSURANCE always provides latest relevant information to your choices.