For Cheap Teen Car Insurance, Choose the Right Car for Your Teen Driver

One of the steps you can take to get the cheapest auto insurance quotes for your teen driver is to put the kid in the right car. The teenager does not exist who wouldn’t prefer a hot sports car. Be a responsible parent, ignore the inevitable whining and put your child in a safe, sensible vehicle – it could save you money and maybe even save your child’s life.

According to an article in the April 2008 issue of Consumer Reports, your best bet is “the newest, most reliable model with the most safety equipment you can afford.” That is a good, broad guideline to begin with, but let’s take it a little further.

There are plenty of new, reliable, safely equipped go-fast machines. If you put a male teen driver behind the wheel of any vehicle advertised as “high-performance,” he will want to test its limits, often resulting in an unhappy ending.  The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety claims that for every 100 million miles driven, 16-year-old boys have 11.1 fatalities compared to 7.3 for 16-year-old girls. Speed and reckless driving are often involved. (If your teenager is a female, take a moment and thank your lucky chromosomes.)  Gender aside, high-performance vehicles are just too much car for most teen drivers, who simply don’t have the experience to handle them.

If you want affordable car insurance for your teen, you’ll do well to avoid SUVs and pick-up trucks, too. Such vechiles have high centers of gravity, which make them easier to roll than lower-slung vehicles, especially when taking curves at high speed.

Steer clear of any vehicle capable of accelerating from zero to 60 in 8 seconds or more. That’s too much power in the hands of an inexperienced driver. By the same token, a car that takes more than 11 seconds to go from zero to 60 won’t have enough oomph to safely negotiate on ramps and freeway passing situations.

In general, what you and your teen driver should agree on is a late model sedan. New is best if you can afford it, but used cars of no more than five or six years will have most of the important safety features insurance companies want to see on all cars (and often provide discounts for). If do buy a used car for your teen, you should also go online to check if it has been in any serious accidents; have a trusted mechanic give it a once-over, too, for potential safety issues. At bare minimum, you want an antilock braking system, front air bags (if it has side and head protection curtain air bags, even better ), electronic stability control and automatic restraint systems (so your teen has no choice about buckling up).

The aforementioned Insurance Institute of Highway Safety conducts tests that rate a number of crash-safety and performance measures for the most popular current and late model vehicles. Check their scores for any vehicle you’re considering.

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