Health Insurance For College Students Can Be A Lifesaver

Health Insurance For College Students Can Be A Lifesaver

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Health Insurance for College Students Can be a Lifesaver…Literally!

Choosing a college is a hard decision, for everyone involved. From the potential student’s perspective, it may be the most important decision they’ve made up until that point in their lives, and from the parents’ perspective, it’s a highly emotional process. As I enter the college choosing phase with our teenage daughter, I’m bombarded with several different thoughts and memories. One thought that is often overlooked in this decision process is health insurance for college students. Although our children are covered under my wife’s health insurance policy, it’s almost a foregone conclusion in my mind that our daughter will also be covered by any healthcare provided by the respective college of her choice as well.

Thank Goodness for Health Insurance for College Students

As you could imagine, going through the college choosing process conjures up a bit of a nostalgia. It effectively launches me back to my preparatory school days, as it was the first time I lived away from home, as it will be for our daughter. Being away from home, with several other individuals in your age group, and experiencing the same feelings (or lack thereof) as you, could be a recipe for disaster. In my case, those disasters were mitigated by the health insurance for college students my prep school provided. Hence, the draconian view as to why our daughter will be covered under her college’s health insurance plan.

There were several times where our school’s student healthcare policy saved my butt. However, there were a few instances that stand out. The first happened to involve the hardest hit I have ever absorbed in my life. I’m not the most athletic person, but I loved the sport of lacrosse, and while at prep school, I was slightly better than the average player. During one of my first games, I was lined up to perhaps score the first goal of my career. At the same time, I did not recognize the opposing defender was lining me up for a textbook check about 15 yards away. Just as a wined up to shoot the ball, I was firmly uprooted from the grass turf, and promptly placed on my back. After seeing a few stars, I got up from the turf, looked at our bench, and saw everyone including the coach, waving for me to come off the field. At that point, not only was everything in slow motion, but my tongue also felt slightly larger than normal. Once I reached the bench, I unhooked my helmet, and was greeted with the most severe headache I had ever experienced up to that point. I was ushered to our healthcare facility and adequately tended to. The prognosis was a concussion, along with a pierced tongue. Apparently, I was hit so hard, that between the actual check from the opposing player, and me hitting the ground, I bit a hole through my tongue. Our healthcare center made sure I was awakened every few hours over the next 24 hours, and nursed me back to working order.

Another instance where being enrolled in our school’s healthcare plan came in handy was during our annual spring twilight softball game. This wasn’t as extreme as my concussion while playing lacrosse, but proved to be just as important. I was situated in the outfield, and due to everyone that was playing lack of skill, was pretty lonely since no one could hit the ball that far. All of a sudden, the one pop-fly of the game was launched my way.  As I prepared to catch it, I was overcome with shortness of breath, itchy eyes, and uncontrollable sneezing. At the time, I had no idea what was wrong. Instead of trying to catch the ball, I ran directly to our healthcare facility. The staff promptly diagnosed me with allergies. Up until that point in my life, not only had I not had allergies, but knew nothing about them as well. They ended up prescribing me medicine to combat my allergic reaction, and to remedy them in the future. Needless to say, I still use the same medicine to this day.

Make Sure Health Insurance is a Part of the Conversation

I certainly hope our daughter does not need to utilize her school’s health insurance coverage. However, in my experience, I cannot imagine going through school (high school or college) without having it. Your children may very well be covered under your or your spouse’s healthcare insurance plan, however, the proximity and convenience of their school’s health insurance is invaluable. Best of luck if you’re also in my boat regarding the college choosing process, and don’t forget to incorporate health insurance coverage into the conversation.

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