How Much Will Your Car Insurance Cost?

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost

Like many things, auto insurance rates seem to be getting higher every year. So how much is the average car insurance cost? It depends on many factors taken into consideration when it’s time to get a new policy.

On average, the annual car insurance cost to insure a car in the U.S. is $907.38, according to research sited by ValuePenguin. Actual costs vary state-to-state and even zip code to zip code. According to a most expensive premiums for a full-coverage policy can be found in Michigan, where the average at the time of a 2015 study was $2,476. Ohio ranked number 50 on the list at $843.

Car Insurance Cost Factors

There are a number of other factors that influence the cost of an auto insurance policy including:

1. Age and gender

Generally, a premium for a male under the age of 25, is going to cost more than for an older person, who is considered at less risk of needing to use the policy. Teens in general are more expensive to insure. A young unmarried male typically pays more than an older married female due to statistics that show that she is less likely to file a claim. In fact, women in general usually pay less for car insurance because they’re in fewer accidents and get fewer speeding tickets and DUI citations.

2. Where you live

Risk of an accident is higher in densely populated cities than in rural areas, where premiums are typically less expensive. Likelihood of natural disasters are also taken into account.

3. Driving record

If you’ve been in prior accidents or have received a lot of tickets, you’re considered a bigger risk so your rates will be higher.

4. Claims history

Many people resist filing claims and pay out-of-pocket when possible in order to avoid having rates go up.

5. Make and age of your car

A brand new shiny sports car is more costly to insure than an older, less expensive automobile.

6. Credit score

Although illegal in California, Hawaii and Massachusetts, charging more for drivers who have poor credit scores is common. The thinking is that if you have bed credit you’re probably going to file more claims.

7. Type and amount of coverage

The more you get, the more you pay. Claim maximums, deductibles and types of policies (bodily injury liability, property damage liability, personal injury protection, comprehensive and collision) influence how much you pay for car insurance.

To save on auto insurance, it’s important to shop around because costs can vary according to the carrier you buy from. Use our quote tool to compare rates before you before you purchase.


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