Medicare Open Enrollment Lets You Change Your Plan Midstream

Medicare Open Enrollment Offers Many Pluses and a Few Warnings for the Wary

The nice insurance agent with the melodious voice offers to save you hundreds of dollars on your medical bills. All he needs is your Medicare and credit card numbers and you’ll be all set. This deal seemed to land on your lap and it sounds too good to be true.

That’s because it’s a well-known Medicare scam, usually tried during Medicare open enrollment. This year, that period lasts from October 15 to December 7, 2013. Many Medicare and Medicaid recipients use this window of time to change Medicare plans or add benefits to their existing plans.

But the Medicare open enrollment period is prime time for frauds and scammers, preying on your not knowing the ropes of the Medicare insurance field. Many people, especially older Americans, are vulnerable to Medicare scams because they don’t know what the government does and does not do regarding Medicare. To help you avoid becoming the victim of a Medicare scam, here are some important tips.

Medicare Open Enrollment Is Meant to Help, Not Hinder 

The first thing you need to remember is that the government does not send agents to sell insurance products. Anyone calling your home unsolicited who says he or she is a Medicare insurance agent is lying to you, plain and simple. Knowing this fact could prevent most Medicare scams. 

Above all, protect your personal information, especially your Medicare ID number. Most scammers are after this kind of personal information. Only authorized doctors and Medicare personnel should be allowed access to your personal information.

You have a right to know every detail of your Medicare coverage, so if you have any questions, if anything seems suspicious, or simply too good to be true, you should yield to those red flags. The facts about Medicare are easily available from government websites, those ending in .gov.

And because knowledge really is a powerful ally in your health care, you should get into the habit of recording everything about your health care, from appointment schedules to prescription histories.

Be wary of gifts, offers of money, or free medical supplies. Many seniors are unduly influenced by flashy media campaigns paid for by drug companies and insurance providers. Remember that the best information regarding Medicare and Medicaid comes directly from government sources. 

Medicare Open Enrollment – Don’t Be Left Out

If you suspect you’ve been targeted by Medicare scammers, you should report it to local law enforcement. And if you have any questions, ask only Medicare personnel or certified insurance agents who should direct you to government sources.

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