10 Spring Cleaning Tips for Affordable Homeowners Insurance

Unless you’re a Stepford spouse, spring cleaning probably isn’t up there on your list of fun things to do. We’re not asking you to love it, but practicing a few basic chores every spring can prevent fires and other home accidents. That means you’ll avoid making claims on your homeowners insurance policy and that will go a long way toward keeping your homeowners insurance affordable. Remember those spring cleaning tips will help you a lot.

Check our 10 spring cleaning tips for affordable homeowners insurance.

1. Change the batteries in your home smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. You should check those systems once a month and change the batteries every six months. Now would be a good time to install smoke detectors in every bedroom and on every level of your home.

2. Most home fires start in the kitchen. Clear away any flammable material around your stove stop. That includes cloth hot pads, kitchen towels, curtains, napkins and matches. If you haven’t done so lately, clean up built-up grease from the stove and exhaust hood.

3. Buy a fire extinguisher for every level of your home. Keep it stored in an easily accessible place but away from heat sources. If you already have fire extinguishers, check them to make sure they’re functioning properly or do the maintenance recommended by the manufacturer. Make sure everybody in your home knows where the extinguishers are and how to use them.

4. Check the cords and plugs on lights and appliances. Replace or repair any that are frayed or cut.

5. Have your chimney professionally inspected and cleaned. It will be ready for next winter.

6. Change or clean the filters on your home heating system. Now is a good time to have a pro look at your A/C system, too.

7. Clean the lint out of your clothes dryer’s duct. Vacuum or sweep away built-up lint and dust around your water heater.

8. Clean out closets, basements, garages and other storage areas where clutter builds up to prevent fires and discourage vermin from nesting.

9. Have your home inspected for termites and other destructive bugs and critters. Neglecting to take care of an infestation problem can nullify an insurance claim.

10. Prevent slips and falls. Tape, tack down or otherwise secure area rugs and mats.


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