Want Cheap Car Insurance? Get the Right Vehicle.

Car insurance probably isn’t top of mind when you’re out shopping for a vehicle. While you’re kicking the tires, deliberating over color, weighing the options and considering the mileage, and haggling over the price, give a little thought to how much your

Is Your Bad Credit Keeping You From Getting Cheap Car Insurance?

While it’s just one of many factors, increasingly your credit worthiness is used by insurance companies to determine your car insurance premiums.

The Auto Policy Price May Be Nice…But Bargain Buyers Beware

Bargain hunting can be fun and rewarding, but before you go for the cheapest car insurance

Get Car Insurance ASAP!

Having a current car insurance policy is more than a necessary expense; it’s also the responsible thing to do.

Cash for Clunkers and Your Car Insurance

Be advised, however, that while Cash for Clunkers doesn’t count as income on your federal taxes, your state and local tax situation may be different.

The Logic Behind Auto Insurance Quotes

Armed with actuarial tables, auto insurance companies can scientifically calculate their level of risk. Many factors and variables play a role in calculating your risk as potential holder of an auto insurance policy.

Don’t Be A Victim of Holiday Auto Accident Scams

When the holidays come around, the scammers come out of the woodwork. They like to take advantage of the goodwill, trust and mental distraction that abounds at this time of year. A favorite target is your automobile, or more to the point, the cash they ca

Are Your State Laws Changing in the New Year? Time to Shop for Car Insurance

Okay, so shopping for car insurance isn’t on the top of your holiday to-do list. But it should be in the top 10. Car insurance rates fluctuate monthly and by letting your policy ride, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table that you could probabl