Are Bare Bones Cheap Auto Insurance Policies Right for You?

Learn the potential risks of too cheap auto insurance and shop for competitive quotes from top rated car insurance companies online.

Discount Auto Insurance: Save with Anti-Theft Devices

Over one million cars are stolen each year in the U.S., equivalent to one theft every 25 seconds. According to the National Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, trucks and SUVs are the top targets. Surprisingly, BMWs and similar high-end rides aren’t b

Want Cheap Car Insurance? Get the Right Vehicle.

Car insurance probably isn’t top of mind when you’re out shopping for a vehicle. While you’re kicking the tires, deliberating over color, weighing the options and considering the mileage, and haggling over the price, give a little thought to how much your

Fraudulent Car Insurance Claims Cost You Money

The cost of car insurance scams increases the amount insurance companies have to spend to investigate and prosecute suspected crimes.

The Auto Policy Price May Be Nice…But Bargain Buyers Beware

Bargain hunting can be fun and rewarding, but before you go for the cheapest car insurance

Four Ways You May Not Know to Get Cheaper Car Insurance

What you might not realize is that lots of businesses, including car insurance providers, are checking your credit and using it to assess you.

Cheap Car Insurance for Bad Drivers?

While you’re forking out the big dough for a bad driver insurance policy, take some short- and long-range steps to work your way back to good driver rates.

Build Your Own Discount Auto Insurance - Seek Out Savings on Car Coverage

Discounts are available from many companies if you buy more than one policy from them. Lump your boat insurance, motorcycle insurance and both car insurance policies in with your homeowner insurance and you could see significant savings on insurance in ge