Shopping for Health Insurance Quotes: Understanding Waiting Periods

One of the key provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) that squeaked through Congress last March was the eventual elimination of waiting periods and other exclusions for pre-existing conditions. The provision is set to

Understanding Health Insurance Quotes: Premiums, Coinsurance, Copayments & Deductibles

Ever find yourself baffled by insurance company jargon? You’re not alone. Many Americans find it difficult to decipher the terminology, and that can keep you from getting the cheapest health insurance, or at least the plan that best suits your needs. In t

Group Health Insurance Rates for a Group of One

Paychecks no longer end up magically in your bank accounts every two weeks and health insurance is really expensive when you have to pick up the whole tab yourself. You’re on your own with the first problem, but we can offer some solutions for the findin