Understanding Health Insurance Costs, Pt. 1 – Where You Live

Because, under McCarran-Ferguson, every state’s health insurance market is protected from interstate competition, each state’s legislature can mandate that its licensed health insurance companies cover certain services that result in higher costs.

Protecting Your Privacy When Looking for Health Insurance Quotes

Here are some tips to protect your privacy when looking for health insurance quotes online.

What To Consider When Shopping For Cheap Health Insurance Quotes Online?

It’s never a good idea to be uninsured, as you never know when you could become ill or have an accident.

Health Insurance: Shopping for Long Term Care Insurance

Look for a reputable, experienced provider of individual comprehensive long term care insurance coverage

Understanding Managed Health Care Insurance Plan Options

When comparing health insurance quotes from managed health care plans, be sure that the quality of care doesn’t take a back seat to the control of costs.

Low Cost Health Insurance - Part I: COBRA Bites

Your employer is required by law to give you a COBRA insurance election notice within 14 days after “the plan administration receive notice that a qualifying event has occurred.” You have 60 days to decide whether to go with COBRA insurance. If you do, yo

Searching For Health Insurance Quotes - What Type of Health Insurance Is Right For You?

HMOs generally require you to see your primary care doctor before seeing a specialist; whereas PPOs generally have larger networks of doctors that are covered under your plan and allow greater flexibility if you choose to see a doctor that is outside of t

The True Cost of Health Insurance

True health insurance costs are relate to deductible, co-insurance, co-insurance limits, out of pocket limits, and stop loss

Staying Healthy I: A Question Of Balance

Staying healthy is a balance of diet, exercise, rest and spirit

Staying Healthy II: Results That Last

Staying healthy is important if you want to save on health insurance costs