homeowners insurance and the disappearance clauseEINSURANCE

Homeowners Insurance and the Mysterious Disappearance Clause

Not all homeowners insurance covers loss due to mysterious disappearance. Don’t assume yours does. Understand your homeowner policy exclusions and limitations
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Update Your Homeowner Insurance Checklist After the Holidays

If you received expensive holiday gifts, be sure to add them to your homeowners insurance inventory checklist and update your homeowner policy coverage.
landlord insurance coverageEINSURANCE

What is Landlord Insurance and What Kind of Coverage Do You Need?

A how to guide on getting the right landlord's insurance coverage.
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For Cheaper Homeowners Insurance, Make Sure Your Home Isn’t an Insurance Nightmare

Here’s a wake-up call for you folks who’ve let those minor home repairs turn into major problems: your homeowners’ insurance policy can be canceled. Because of the uptick in abandoned properties, insurance companies have become increasingly vigilant. If y
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When and How to File a Homeowners Insurance Policy Claim?

Waiting will delay the processing of your claim, diminish your memory of the incident and may even result in greater damage. However, there are a couple of things you should do first to facilitate the claim-filing process.
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Insuring Your Kid’s Dorm Room on Your Homeowners Policy

Since theft is not unheard of in college dorms, check your homeowners’ insurance or your renters’ insurance policy.
homeowners liability insurance exclusionsEINSURANCE

Homeowners Liability Insurance Exclusions – What’s NOT in Your Policy?

The exclusions in your homeowners insurance can result in huge gaps in your coverage and leave you holding the bag for replacing stolen or damaged personal property.
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Finding Affordable Florida Homeowners Insurance

In the wake of a disastrous 2005 hurricane season and attendant dramatic increases in Florida homeowners insurance quotes, Florida’s legislature has enacted several laws to give consumers some relief.
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Flood Insurance – Do I Have It? Do I Need It?

Homeowners insurance policies, condominium owners insurance policies and renters insurance policies generally exclude damage caused by flood.
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Moving Your Business Into Your Home? What’s Covered By A Homeowners Insurance Policy?

oftentimes Homeowners Insurance Policies and Condominium Owners Insurance Policies limit coverage for tangible business property to a specific dollar amount, i.e. $10,000.
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Do You Have Enough Homeowners Insurance

When determining how much homeowner insurance coverage you need, don’t rely on cost per square footage estimates.
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Puppy Love & Homeowner Liability - A Cautionary Tail

I adopted a rescue bull terrier. I love him but he has “issues.”…
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Mortgage Protection Insurance - Do You Need It?

Protection Insurance makes sure your family can keep the roof over their heads if you die. PMI covers a portion of your loan if you default and pays the benefit to your lender.
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Homeowners, Condominium and Renters Insurance – The Big Litigation Expense Benefit

One of the biggest benefits of homeowners insurance, condominium owners insurance and renters insurance is that most policies require the insurance company to defend you in a lawsuit if you are sued for covered damages.
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Homeowners Condominium Owners and Renters Insurance – Protecting Your Valuables

it is important to take your valuables into consideration. You can obtain a “personal articles floater” which specifically insures your individual valuable items for which there may be limited or no coverage otherwise.
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Lowering The Cost Of Homeowners Insurance

One of the ways to reduce your premium is somewhat beyond your control – a good claims history. Of course, the best claims history is to have had no claims.
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What Type Of Insurance Do I Need For A Co-Op Or Condo?

Condo and co-op insurance requires two separate insurance policies, your own insurance policy and a master policy provided by the condo/co-op board
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What Is In A Standard Homeowners Insurance Policy?

Standard home owners insurance offers: house structure coverage, personal belonging coverage, liability protection and additional living expense costs