‘Tis the Season to Shop Car Insurance Rates

The days dwindle down for 2009 (a good year to put behind us). Somewhere between the eggnog, shopping, wrapping and hall decking make a little time to shop for auto insurance quotes. Things change and you could be leaving a lot of money on the table if you simply roll along from one year to the next without reviewing your car insurance policy and comparing prices.

Along with New Year’s resolutions, getting competitive auto insurance quotes is one of the most popular out with old year/in with the new activities. Couldn’t be easier, either. Just follow these simple steps. To paraphrase a popular insurance spokes-reptile, a few minutes could save you a bunch of dough.

First thing you do is review your situation. What’s changed in the past 12 months? Besides your car getting a year older, maybe you’ve also paid it off. Maybe your kid has gone off to college or married. Maybe you’ve married, divorced, separated or been widowed. Have you retired? Do you have a teenager who’s approaching driving age? Have you changed jobs? Moved to a different neighborhood? Did you add aftermarket safety or anti-theft equipment to your vehicle? Take a safe driving class? Any and all of those changes can make a difference in the type and amount of auto coverage you need to carry.

Now get out your existing automobile insurance policy and review it against your current situation. Are you carrying collision and comprehensive? Could be a needless expense if the deductible and added premium is more than your car is worth if it’s stolen or totaled.

If your child is attending college out of town and isn’t driving the family car, you can remove that expensive piece of coverage from the equation. Of course, if the opposite is true, and you have a child closing in on driving age, look into available policy discounts for good grades, driver education courses, incremental licensing and other ways to keep down the costs of insuring a teen driver.

A change in your marital status could affect your auto coverage, too. Insurance companies insure cars, not drivers. So if a car has gone away because of divorce or death, drop that coverage. If you have a new spouse, look into multi-car discounts, or discounts for piggybacking your homeowners policy with your car insurance.

If your work situation has changed or if you’ve retired, you may be driving less and could qualify for a low mileage discount there. Ditto if you’ve added a car alarm, especially one that alerts the cops directly when your vehicle is stolen.

Have you gone another year without a ticket or a claim? You may qualify for a better safe driver discount on your auto insurance.
Finally, go online and start shopping for policies. You’ll have the basic information to compare car insurance quotes apples to apples. Just remember that price alone shouldn’t be your sole criterion for choosing one policy over another. The provider’s financial stability and reputation for service will mean much more than a few dollars saved if you ever need to file a claim.


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