Travel Insurance: A Healthy Choice

Joe Brancatelli has a great article in USA Today on travel insurance. Not just the kind you buy at e-Insure Services, either: Joe covers the topic from the first-aid kit in your overnight bag to medical evacuation options in case of the unthinkable.

Joe’s point is a good one: international travel can be dangerous. Forget land mines and contaminated drinking water! The real nightmare scenario is the perfectly competent doctor who doesn’t realize that the medallion around your unconscious neck means you’re allergic to aspirin.

As is true in so many other facets of life, an ounce of preparation trumps a pound of cure every time. If you travel internationally, make sure your health is in the best hands of all: your own. Travel insurance policies make good, plain common sense, but they are no substitute for a little research and intelligent anticipation of whatever hazards lie in your path.

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