Travel Insurance – Trip Cancellation

There are various different types of travel insurance you can purchase. One very important type of travel insurance is trip cancellation insurance. These days, the cost of taking a trip with your family can be quite costly. If you have a family of four, airfare alone can be so expensive! Not to mention the cost of the hotel room(s) for a week or more. We all save up and plan for our vacations. However, unfortunately, sometimes things come up that are not within our control. For example, maybe something at work has come up so that you can’t travel at the time of year you had planned. Or, maybe an unanticipated health or other expense has eaten away at your trip fund. Perhaps there is a last minute illness in your family – you don’t want to travel with your 6-year old that has pneumonia. Or, maybe you are planning on going to Mexico right when the government declares a swine flu epidemic. The possibilities are endless. Given that you’ve purchased airfare, accommodations, local transportation, tours, etc. in advance, you wouldn’t want to totally lose all of this money in the event that you have to postpone or cancel your trip. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance when you book your trip.

It is especially a good idea to purchase trip cancellation insurance for a big trip or “splurge” vacation. Maybe you are splurging on an exotic honeymoon. You buy the package well in advance. But what if circumstances change? What if your favorite pet gets sick and you have unexpectedly high vet bills? What if you get the stomach flu and aren’t able to stomach a 20-hour day of travel? What if there is an unexpected death of a grandparent? Unfortunately, any time you plan and pay for a trip in advance, there is no way to know if an unexpected event might hamper your plans. Therefore, particularly for expensive trips planned in advance, you should consider purchasing travel insurance. It’s bad enough to suffer the disappointment of cancelling a vacation that you’ve been looking forward to. Don’t also suffer the financial loss. At least with trip cancellation insurance, the cost of your trip is insured. You’ll still have the money to go on that honeymoon or family trip another time.


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