What Do I Do If My Insurance Company Denied My Claim?

Your insurance company will deny your insurance claim if the claim is not covered under your insurance policy. Insurance companies cannot pay insurance claim for which they received no premium, or they would go out of business. However, if you believe your claim should be covered and that your insurer made a mistake in denying your claim, you have several options.

  1. First, you can contact the insurance company directly. In all likelihood, you received some type of correspondence from the insurer denying your insurance claim. This letter should contain the contact information of the person at the insurance company that is handling your claim. You can contact this person directly to ask questions regarding why your claim was denied. Also, you may have information or documents to provide to the insurance company to show that your claim is covered. This is a good first step.
  2. Second, if your attempts at contacting the insurance company directly fail or the insurance company continues to deny your claim despite your efforts, each state has a department of insurance that you can contact for help. Sometimes this information will be contained in the denial letter that you received from your insurer. Otherwise, you can obtain the contact information for your state’s department of insurance from the internet. Contacting your state’s department of insurance regarding your options is a good second step.
  3. Third, follow up with your insurance company again. Contact the insurance representative that denied your claim. It is advisable that you do this in writing so that you have a record of your communications. Explain the reasons you believe your claim was wrongfully denied. Provide any additional factual information necessary to show that there is coverage. Advise the insurer that you have contacted your state’s department of insurance.
  4. Finally, if you are still not satisfied and believe your claim was wrongfully denied, you could look into contacting an attorney to help you. Depending on the extent of your loss and the strength of your case, it might be worth enlisting the help of an attorney. At the very least, an attorney could advise you as to the strength of your case. In the event you have a strong case that your claim should be covered, the attorney can write letters on your behalf or even file a lawsuit against the insurer seeking coverage under your policy. You should retain an attorney that has experience in handling insurance coverage disputes. If you do not know where to find such an attorney, you can contact your city or state’s bar association for suggestions. In addition, the bar associations will be able to provide you with information regarding free or discounted legal assistance in the event that you qualify.


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