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Boat Insurance Quotes

Anybody who owns a boat should have Boat Insurance. Most boat/yacht owners have it, and many states require it. Boat Insurance typically offers some combination of collision, liability, theft, and related coverage.

What Boat Insurance Is Not

Boat Insurance typically does not include commercial coverage. It is not designed for use in businesses. If you use your watercraft in a commercial setting, consider Ocean Marine Insurance or an appropriate specialty product.

A Boat Insurance package, generally, does not include coverage for wear and tear, when it is rented to others, or entered in speed contests. In addition, other exclusions include when the boat is being repaired, such as refinishing or renovating, but this will always depend on the specific wording of the policy in question. When in doubt, ask! Your insurer—the insurance company that issued your policy—will tell you whether a specific application is covered by your policy. Our advice: get it in writing!

Who Needs Boat Insurance?

If you own a boat, jet ski, or any other water based vehicle—no matter how much you drive it!—you should have Boat Insurance. Most states require it; most people, experts or not, would agree that operating without it is simply an irresponsible act.

If you do not own a watercraft, but often rent them, you may find that a Boat Insurance policy will provide a savings over the insurance rates charged by rental agencies.

Things To Think About

What kind of boat do you own? How much do you use it? Does your insurer offer premium incentives for alarm systems, education courses, geography, etc.? How many people will regularly be using your boat?

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