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EINSURANCE - Online Insurance Quote Comparison Market

EINSURANCE is not only an online insurance marketplace for the products and services sold by insurance carriers, agencies, and brokers. EINSURANCE is also a marketplace for ideas. Our writers, researchers, and industry experts all work together to inform consumers about financial risk management. Whether you’re buying your first car insurance policy or finding health insurance for your new family, EINSURANCE provides information that is relevant to your choice. Although you should always speak to an insurance professional about your specific circumstance, it never hurts to get started on our site. Or if you would like to speak with an insurance professional right away, we can help with that too! EINSURANCE is proud to be owned and operated by eINSURE Services, Inc.

einsure - Company History

eINSURESM Services Inc. is the leading advocate for insurance consumers online. Since 1992, when it was known as Specialty Programs, Ltd., eINSURE has held to this commitment and vision by making insurers compete for consumers, while working to keep insurance shoppers up-to-date on coverage options and policy terms.

The earliest versions of our sites, including,, and, were mainly geared towards comparing auto insurance quotes online. However, as consumers demanded more products and information, we responded. Today, consumers can compare all types of insurance in our easy to use websites.

eINSURE will continue to keep insurers competitive by providing a marketplace where consumers have the choice to get that extra quote. Our dual mandate of facilitating insurance comparison-shopping online and informing consumers will drive the next generation of our products and services.

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