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Restaurateurs provide environments and savory food for their customers. As a result, their risks not only span the chefs and waitresses, but also their customers. Whether it be fire, knives, or even a wet floor, business insurance is critical to restaurant owners ensuring their respective businesses are properly covered. Learn how to reduce common risks associated with restaurants such as yours, below:

Business Owners Policy (BOP)
A virtual necessity for all business owners, and a great building block to providing a suite of coverages, the BOP combines protection from all major property, liability and business income risks in one package. In addition to providing a cost effective way to manage your firm’s inherent risks, a BOP also allots the opportunity to customize it through adding coverages tailored to accounting firms specifically.

Optional coverages associated with the restaurant industry that can be added to your package:

  • Data Breach Coverage
  • Food Contamination Coverage
  • Valuable Papers & Records Coverage
  • Liquor Liability Coverage
  • Tenant’s Legal Liability Coverage

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Workers’ Compensation (Workers Comp)
Most states require this coverage and often times have fines for failure to purchase it. Workers’ Comp essentially provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of performing their duties. Get Workers' Compensation Insurance

Commercial Auto
Given everyone that owns a vehicle has personal auto insurance, many businesses feel this coverage is not necessary. Make sure you take the time to reconsider. Commercial Auto policies are beneficial for accounting firms due to the amount of traveling during normal operations. Whether it be running general errands or even transferring pertinent financial information to and from clients, commercial auto insurance will assure that you and your employees are properly covered. Get Commercial Auto Insurance