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E-Insure Services supports sharing certain types of insurance content and information in a compiled directory using the open source licensing methods provided by Creative Commons.  Insurance information on our website that is covered by this licensing method is designed to be contributed to, improved upon, shared in kind, or reused with proper reference to authoring source. Any content that is subject to this electronic form of licensing will be indicated as such by displaying the following style of icon alongside that type of content:

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e Insurance Glossary – Directory of Insurance Terms

Generally speaking, content under such licensing can be used by others without penalty or permission when the terms of the publicly displayed copyright agreement are strictly followed.

Variable Annuity

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Insurance Terms - Creative Commons Example

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Glossary Results

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Assessment Association: An insurer that does not charge a fixed premium for insurance, but rather assesses its members periodically to pay itslosses. Assessment insurers usually collect an advance premium which is estimated to cover losses and expenses, but reserve the right to make additional assessments whenever the premium collected is insufficient.

Assessment Mutual: Mutual insurance companythat has the right to assess policyowners for lossesand expenses.

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