How to Shop for High Risk Auto Insurance?

How to Shop for High Risk Auto Insurance

As a driver, somewhere along the line you’ll no doubt have an “oops” moment, whether it’s serious (DUI) or less dangerous (driving without insurance). Reasons big to small can cause you to be considered a high risk driver, at which point you’ll have to pay more for insurance.

What is High Risk Auto Insurance?

You can be such a gamble for insurance companies that you are labeled a high risk driver. When you’re in this category, insurers will think long and hard about taking you on. Or, they’ll simply turn you down. But most states require you to have auto insurance, so you need a policy. Even if it’s not a state requirement where you live, it’s always best to have the protection of insurance.

What Makes You a High Risk Driver?

There are a wide variety of characteristics and situations that can make you a high risk driver. Some weigh more heavily in a carrier’s decision-making. You’ll notice that most are related to poor judgment or reliability:

  • DUI
  • Traffic citations
  • Too many accidents on record
  • Driver is under 25
  • Lapse in coverage
  • Costly claims history
  • Credit history

How Do You Get High Risk Auto Insurance?

Most insurance providers will forgive your past discretions if you have three to five years of a clean record under your belt. But, in the meantime you’re still going to need coverage. Some insurance companies won’t take you no matter what, but the larger carriers are more likely to insure you.

Since you can expect to pay as much as three times more than you would if you weren’t a risk, be sure to shop around. Some providers are more forgiving. If one company turns you down, keep searching for companies that offer high risk auto insurance. Look for companies that will give you a more reasonable premium to pay.

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