Auto Insurance Quotes for Really Bad Drivers

Have you or your spouse been collecting moving violations like cat hair on black pants? Did one of you ignore the barrage of public service announcements and end up in jail for DUI? Did either of you smash up the family car or file lots of claims over the past couple years? No guilt trips here.  Just some tips for finding auto insurance for really bad drivers along with some ways to clean up your act and lower your auto insurance rates down the road.

First the good news: chances are if you still have the right to drive, somebody out there will insure you. You already know the bad news: it’s not going to be cheap. Still, you of all drivers should make a real effort to shop for the best possible deals on auto insurance.

Enroll in and complete a certified driver safety course before looking for auto insurance quotes online. Some companies see this as a sign that you’re proactively taking steps to mend your ways and may cut you a rate break.

While you’re getting auto insurance quotes for bad drivers, see if there are any discounts available for giving a carrier all your insurance business including other vehicles and homeowners’ policy. Many insurance companies offer multiple policy discounts. It could help bring down your overall insurance costs.

Opt for a really high deductible. Volunteering to shoulder a bigger share of the responsibility for a claim makes you a tad more attractive to automobile insurance providers.

Greatly reduce the amount of driving you do. Let potential insurers know that you’ll be carpooling to work or using public transportation for your daily commute. Reduced mileage equals fewer opportunities to commit a bad driving offense.  It could help you reduce your car insurance premiums, too.

If you still can’t find a private-sector insurer, look into your state’s assigned-risk pool where high-risk drivers can buy car insurance at a high rate from insurers who are required by law to carry them.  All 50 states and D.C. have these pools, but how they operate and the eligibility rules vary from state to state.  Check with your state’s insurance commission for specific details.

Even if you end up with a sky-high private policy or in an assigned-risk pool, it isn’t a lifetime sentence. Maintain a blemish-free, claim-free driving record for two or three years, and eventually you should be able to get cheaper auto insurance.


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