Auto Maintenance and Car Care for the Summer

auto maintenance and car care for the summer

Auto Maintenance and Car Care – Protect Your Vehicle from the Sizzling Summer Heat 

The scorching heat of the summer doesn’t just affect you, but can also have an adverse effect on your vehicle. When the temperate starts to climb, auto maintenance is as important as replenishing your body with plenty of fluids when you feel drained and dehydrated. High temperatures cause your vehicle to react differently, and this is why car care in the summer months is absolutely essential.

Here are 3 auto maintenance and car care tips to ensure the smooth running of your vehicle in the summertime.

Lifesaving Auto Maintenance and Car Care Tips

Auto maintenance in the summer can be a breeze if you follow these simple tips and tricks:

1. Park in a Shady Spot

This might seem like a very obvious tip, but it can make a big difference. Find a shady spot, such as under a tree, and park your car there. If you can’t locate a shady place to park, use the direction of the sun as an indicator. For instance, if you find yourself at the mall at 3:00 in the afternoon, if you park facing West where the sun sets, your car will bake in the sun. Instead, find a spot where the sunlight will shine on your passenger side or rear window. This simple auto maintenance and car care tip will go a long way in keeping your car cool.

2. Keep Your Engine Cool

In the summer, your car engine will be working extra hard and it is up to the cooling system to ensure that the engine doesn’t overheat. If you don’t keep up with the auto maintenance of your cooling system, the engine could suffer long term damage. A critical car care tip for cooling systems is to flush and change the coolant regularly. The owner’s manual of your car should give you an idea as to how often you need to change it. Check the coolant system at least once a month and make sure that the coolant is filled to the appropriate level.

3. Use Sunshades or Tints on Your Windows

You can protect your car from the harsh effects of the sun by using tints on the windows of your vehicle. But tints can be an expensive auto maintenance upgrade. If the cost of tinting exceeds your budget, use a sunshade instead, placing it on the inside of your windshield when you park your car. This protects your car from the sun beating down on the steering wheel and dashboard.

Your vehicle can benefit substantially from these fairly simple auto maintenance and car care tips. Don’t forget to carry a summer kit in your car, which should include water, jumper cables, non-perishable food items, a flashlight with extra batteries, a first-aid kit, road flares, and some basic hand tools. These tips will help you beat the heat and have more fun in the sun.


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