Insurance – Sample Cancellation Letter

The first step prior to writing the cancellation letter is to look to your policy to see if there are any provisions regarding cancellation and notification of your insurer. There may be instructions regarding how to cancel your policy – how many days not

Commercial General Liability Insurance - Additional Insured Coverage

An “additional insured” is a person or business that is specifically included as an insured under the policy issued to your business.

Commercial General Liability Insurance - Certificates of Insurance

A certificate of insurance is a piece of paper, usually one page, which serves as proof that your business is insured.

The Basics Of An Insurance Policy

There is more to an insurance policy than what it costs you. In order to accurately compare one policy with another, you need to know more than just what the premium is. You need to know what each of the policies covers in order to understand if the polic

Commercial Auto Liability Policies for Businesses

As liability caused by an automobile is excluded under Commercial General Liability Insurance policies, make sure to consider purchasing a Commercial Vehicle Liability Policy to protect your business.

Commercial General Liability Insurance – A Must For All Businesses

The typical CGL policy will cover your business for certain specific losses. Specifically, in the event you or the company are sued for “bodily injury,” “property damage,” “personal injury” or “advertising injury,” the typical CGL policy will provide cove

How Does Honesty Apply To Insurance?

It is important to be honest on all insurance applications and claims to avoid the possibility of problems on coverage for any future claims.

The Death Of The Educated Jury: The Plaintiff’s Malpractice Lottery

It seems to me that a random jury selection of random people of all social and economic levels would be much more logical than the current jury selection process

Standard Industrial Classification

The Standard Industrial Classification system assigns a two, three, or four-digit code to practically any conceivable business activity.

Claims-Made VS Occurrence Policies

There are two primary types of insurance policy forms: occurrence and claims-made. Occurrence forms cover losses that happen during a given period of time (the policy term). A claims-made form has value, but no guarantee of continued insurablity.

Commercial Property Insurance And Liability

Commercial property insurance varies from howeowners insurance and covers precisely one thing, your commercial property.

Professional Liability Insurance In Associations

Professional liability insurance coverage pays for professional legal fees and damages in the case of a law suit over errors or omissions allegedly committed while engaged in the practice of someone's profession

Contractor Stalling On A Fidelity Bond?

Fidelity bonds for contractors can be a guarantee of quality workmanship

Increasing Medical Malpractice Insurance Rates: A Commentary

Comments on medical malpractice insurance rates and their basic fundementals

Workers Comp for Construction Subcontractors

Why should you get workers comp insurance for subcontractors?

Liability Insurance VS. Surety Bonds

Shop for surety bond insurance and business owners policies at einsurance services

How Do I Choose An Insurance Company?

Choosing insurance should be based on licensing in your state, price, financially sound insurance companies, service and comfort

Is There A Difference Between Insurance Cancellation And Nonrenewal?

The difference between insurance nonrenewal and insurance cancelation