Cheap Illinois Auto Insurance

Looking for cheap Illinois auto insurance quotes? There are a number of factors to determine the relative affordability of the auto insurance quotes you’re likely to receive in the Land of Lincoln.

For instance, did you know that Illinois ranked  third on the list for 10 Worst States for Deer-Car Accidents? According of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study released in 2006, about 1.5 million of these way-too-close encounters happen each year, resulting I $1.1 billion in property damage and 150 deaths a year. And those incidents are on the rise because of urban sprawl into what was previously deer territory. That’s a compelling reason to shop for comprehensive car insurance quotes. The car insurance premium will be higher, but when you consider that the average claim for a run-in with a deer or moose is around $3,000, this could actually qualify as cheap Illinois auto insurance!

Of course, by law, the State of Illinois only requires that you carry liability coverage for any vehicle with a license plate. The minimums are $20,000 coverage for injury or death to one person in a single accident, $40,000 for injuries or deaths to more than one person in a single accident and $15,000 in property damage coverage.

Illinois does not accept bonds or cash deposits in lieu of liability insurance. It doesn’t have electronic insurance validation, either, so you’ll need to carry your proof of Illinois car insurance whenever you’re driving.

Thinking of chancing it? As of July 2009, the minimum fine for operating an uninsured vehicle is $500. You should also be aware that the Illinois Secretary of State’s office sends out random letters to registered vehicle owners requiring them to produce proof of car insurance within 30 days. If you fail to comply with that request, you face automotive suspension of your license plates and vehicle registration until you can demonstrate that you have adequate car insurance, plus a $100 reinstatement fee. If this is a second offense, the suspension is a minimum of four months. In either case, nobody else can drive that vehicle (so you’ll also face the wrath of your spouse and any teen drivers). Tempted to drive the car, anyway? The fine for operating a vehicle while the registration is suspended is $1,000. If you’re dumb enough to commit a third offense, you’re going to have to file proof of financial responsibility with the state for the next three years or lose your driver’s license. With these costly penalties, any liability insurance is cheap Illinois auto insurance by comparison.


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