Cheap Texas Auto Insurance

Looking for cheap Texas auto insurance? There are a number of factors to determine the relative affordability of the auto insurance quotes you’re likely to receive in the Lone Star State.


What part of the state do you live in? Along with your driving record, age, vehicle and credit rating, in Texas, geography can matter. If you live in an area that’s subject to flooding, your insurance provider may require that you indemnify for that. By contrast, if you live in the Panhandle, your provider will take driving conditions like ice and snow into consideration when determining your rates.


Texas is big place, which can mean you put a lot of miles on your car. That can make it harder to find cheap Texas auto insurance because mileage is one of the ways insurance companies assign risk and rates. However, if you’re a low mileage driver living in Texas, there’s good news for you.


Typically, insurance companies ask drivers how many miles they drive to work and use that number when computing rates. But it’s not exactly fair. A wealthy person and a low income person may drive the same number of commuting miles, but the wealthy person may be racking up more leisure miles – yet car insurance for both are based on the same mileage assessment. Fortunately, Texas has passed legislation allowing insurance providers to provide by-the-mile auto insurance quotes. This lets you pay for car insurance the way you pay for gasoline, only buying what you need – resulting in more affordable auto insurance for all Texas drivers.


If you’re thinking about playing the odds and forgoing car insurance altogether, your running a big risk beyond the cost of an uninsured accident. Texas has partnered with the Texas Department of Transportation to develop TexasSure. This is an insurance verification program that requires all companies selling car insurance in Texas to submit policy information directly to the Texas DOT electronically, where it can be accessed by law enforcement. If your Texas car insurance lapses or is canceled, you’ll receive a notice from the Texas DOT requiring you to send proof that you’ve corrected the problem. Fail to respond and both your drivers’ license and vehicle registration will be revoked. If you’re foolhardy enough to incur a second suspension, your car can be impounded for six months and the state of Texas will charge $15 for every day the car is impounded. Any savings you realized by failing to carry car insurance have just been wiped out.


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