Semi Truck Insurance for Your Big Rig

There are many kinds of semi truck trailers designed to haul big loads. Whether you’re driving a box, bus, reefer, tanker, dry bulk, flatbed, lowboy or car hauler, with up to 80,000 pounds of gross weight rolling along on 18 wheels, your semi truck can put a world of hurt on anything it runs into or over…which is why you’re going to need special semi truck insurance.

Aside from the price of fuel, your semi truck insurance is going to be among your biggest expenses. This is not an area where you want to low-ball. There are a number of things you can do to keep the costs of your semi truck insurance reasonable, but with so much riding on your rig, the last thing you want is cheap semi truck insurance. When you start shopping for semi truck insurance quotes, look for reputable companies with established track records, preferably those that specialize in insurance for truckers.

As a trucker, you’re expected to drive at skill levels way beyond the average Joe, which also means you’re held to a higher degree of responsibility. Any points on your record, whether in your rig or your personal vehicle, are going to run up your semi truck insurance premiums.

Where you’re driving will also impact your semi truck insurance premiums. Are you strictly intrastate or do you operate across many states or nationwide? Fleet composition is another determining factor in assigning semi truck insurance premiums, because the value of a replacing a refrigerated truck, for example, will be more than replacing a flat bed.

At bare minimum, you’re going to need to carry primary liability commercial vehicle insurance to cover any damages or injuries to other people or property caused by you (or the driver of a truck you own).

Beyond commercial vehicle insurance there are a variety of semi truck insurance options to consider. The more you or your business is worth, the more semi truck insurance you’re going to want to carry to protect what you own. Bobtail coverage (also called non-trucking liability insurance) provides you with limited liability coverage when the owner-operator is not on dispatch or pulling a loaded trailer. This can include when you’re rig is in for repairs, maintenance or being washed. Look for semi truck insurance that included rental services and towing options. Other options available include Physical Damage insurance, Motor Truck Cargo insurance, Trailer Interchange insurance and Non-Trucking Liability.


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