How to Shop for Commercial Fleet Insurance?

If your company owns several vehicles, you can save money with commercial fleet insurance. Learn more and get quotes for small business fleet coverage.

Business Owner Policies Pt. 3 - Optional BOP Insurance Coverage for Small Businesses

Just like snowflakes, no two small businesses are exactly alike. That’s why, in the wide world of Business Owners’ Policies (BOPs), you’ll find lots of add-on options to supplement your standard BOP property and commercial general liability (CGL) coverage

Business Owner Policies Pt. 2 - What Your BOP May NOT Cover

After the fact is never a good time to learn that what you assumed simply isn’t so. That’s especially true when the topic is business insurance. As a small business owner, you’ve got enough on your plate keeping your company afloat in today’s tough econom

Business Owner Policies Pt. 1 -- Understanding BOPs

It’s not easy being a small business owner these days. Talk about multi-tasking! You need to stay up to speed on so many fronts from health care to employment law to product liability, you need to be a veritable Renaissance man to survive. On second thoug