Tying the Knot Cuts Car Insurance Costs

The marriage rate in America has been dropping faster than a rock for several decades now, and is especially low for Millennials. According to the Pew Research Center, in 1960 68% of all 20-somethings were married, but by 2008, it had dropped to 26%, due
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Does Your Car Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

We’ve already seen May floods devastate large parts of Texas, resulting in an estimated $45 million in property damage. That may have been just a precursor of things to come. After a record wet spring across the plains states, the summer forecast is equ

Auto Insurance: Switch and Save or Switch and Lose?

Unless you have gone entirely off the grid you cannot avoid the invitations to switch your car insurance with the prospect of saving hundreds of dollars a year. It’s an enticing promise, and shopping around may indeed result in substantial savings. Just b
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Will Telematics Mean Cheaper Car Insurance?

This article talks about the latest technologies that insurance carriers are allowing consumers to put in their vehicles in attempt to lower they insurance rates.

Exciting New Car Technology Trends

Car Technology Trends

How to Deal with an Insurance Claims Adjuster

Read this before you talk to an insurance claims adjuster. Then shop for competitive car insurance quotes at

Cash for Clunkers and Your Car Insurance

Be advised, however, that while Cash for Clunkers doesn’t count as income on your federal taxes, your state and local tax situation may be different.

Car Insurance Premiums: What’s Your Address Got To Do With It?

Auto insurance premiums are affected by the area you live in, populated cities, urban areas, high theft rates, distance driven to work