Tips for Getting Cheap Auto Insurance

You can’t change your age, sex or some of the other absolutes that affect what you pay for car insurance. But there are plenty of things you can do to bring down the costs that will result in cheap auto insurance. If you’ve stayed with the same company over the years simply because it seemed like too big a hassle to switch, you have to ask if your loyalty has been adequately rewarded. Your car insurance agent may be a great guy, but is the relationship worth the 10 to 15% commission you’re paying him? It’s never been easier to comparison shop and purchase insurance online. Besides, different companies use different formulas for calculating car insurance premiums and you’ll never know what you could be saving if you don’t shop around. Give yourself a discount on auto insurance by paying your annual premium all at once instead of making installment payments. Insurance companies charge for the convenience of spacing your payments out over time. If you really need to pay monthly or quarterly, see if there’s a discount on car insurance for agreeing to auto-deductions from your bank account. Some insurance companies offer low mileage discounts, so driving less (or accurately estimating your annual mileage) may make for more affordable car insurance. Look into multi-vehicle or multi-policy insurance discounts. Think about raising your deductible to lower your car insurance premiums. You may want to consider dropping collision and comprehensive coverage on older cars. Unless your vehicle is collector’s item, you can save money on car insurance by waiving this coverage. Cerfully evalyte your risk though! Do you drive a hybrid vehicle? See if your eco-friendly car qualifies for cheaper auto insurance premiums. Check your credit report before you look for a new car insurance policy and clean up any discrepancies. Increasingly, insurance companies are using your credit rating to assess your risk-worthiness. If you want cheap teenage driver insurance or think getting 17 year old car insurance is impossible, get your kid into a qualified driver’s education course and encourage him or her to get good grades. Both may means more affordable teen driver insurance policies. If you’re buying a new car, adding certain safety features and anti-theft devises can mean cheaper car insurance, too. Some after-market anti-theft devises will qualify for similar car insurance discounts on older cars. Add them all up and you could see significant savings on your car insurance.


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