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Advertising Agency Insurance Helps You Keep Your Creative Edge

In today's fast paced high tech world, advertising agencies are finding that they have to constantly push the envelope in order be competitive. However, as most agencies are finding from the moment an idea is conceived through completion of the project, the risks are higher than at any other time in the past. Your clients expect you to perform and the pressure can be as high as the risks, without advertising agency insurance, you could be hanging your company on the precipice waiting for the fall.

Advertising Agencies are Sued More than Any Other Media

Of all the different media companies, none are as likely to spend as much time tied up in litigation than the advertising agency. At any given moment the reputation of both the agency and their clients is left hanging in the balance and having the appropriate advertising agency insurance policy can help to let you keep your competitive edge, protect your company's assets and at the same time preserve your relationships with all of your clients.

When you are in the business of creating advertising for a range of clients, your company is always susceptible to claims of defamation of character, libel, slander, right of publicity, outrageous conduct and causes emotional distress. You also have to worry about being sued for creating unfair competition and of course trademark infringement. No matter where you turn, there is always the distinct probability that someone is going to sue you or place a claim against your company for an ad that you have created.

You Cannot Please Everybody

No matter how hard you try, there are some clients that are not going to be happy with the work your staff has done and is going to hold you and your company liable for the fact that they are not getting the sales they expected. As long as you are in the business of creating advertising with the premise of helping to sell a product or service, you are going to be held responsible for any failure. Advertising insurance is designed to protect you from potentially devastating settlements and costs.

Advertising insurance is a form of professional liability or errors & omissions insurance that will be there to cover your legal defense fees and cover any punitive or exemplary damages, as well as any other costs that may become involved when settling with a client. It can also be used to cover things such as bodily injury and any property damage that occurs as result of the advertising content your company creates.

When the ability of your advertising agency to remain open for business hinges not only on your reputation, but your financial situation, you need to be fully covered by an appropriate advertising insurance policy. EINSURANCE is here to help match your insurance needs with a range of top insurance providers. This will allow to find the most appropriate policy at a price that fits into your budget and make it possible for you to remain at the cutting edge of today's advertising market without having to worry about who has got your back. 

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