Health Savings Accounts – An Affordable Health Insurance Option

Health Savings Accounts were created by the Medicare bill of 2003 to help people save money tax-free to pay for qualified medical and health expenses now and in the future.

Temporary Health Insurance Coverage

Also called Short Term Medical temporary insurance, this affordable health coverage provides a vital safety net in case of illness or accident until you can afford or qualify for long-term health insurance.

Business Insurance Part 2 – Affordable Business Car Insurance

Depending on your insurance company and your specific circumstances, you may be able to simply add a business endorsement to your regular auto insurance policy.

Business Insurance Part 1 – Options for Home-Run Businesses

Many insurance companies offer business insurance policies specifically for home-run businesses.

Do You Have Enough Homeowners Insurance Coverage?

When determining how much homeowner insurance coverage you need, don’t rely on cost per square footage estimates.

Cover Your Assets with Errors and Omissions Insurance

Basically, Errors and Omissions insurance protects you should a client or customer decide to sue you for damages resulting from a service or product you, your employees or independent contractors acting on your behalf provided or failed to provide as prom
cheap car insurance for bad driversEINSURANCE

Cheap Car Insurance for Bad Drivers?

While you’re forking out the big dough for a bad driver insurance policy, take some short- and long-range steps to work your way back to good driver rates.

Do I Need Rental Car Insurance?

You’ll also want to make sure the coverage you have on your personal car insurance is sufficient to cover your liability for damages to the rental car.

Tips for Getting Cheap Auto Insurance

But there are plenty of things you can do to bring down the costs that will result in cheap auto insurance

What To Do When You Are In a Car Accident

Some municipalities ask that you forgo calling the police for minor accidents

Understanding Managed Health Care Insurance Plan Options

When comparing health insurance quotes from managed health care plans, be sure that the quality of care doesn’t take a back seat to the control of costs.

Getting Married? Recently Married? Time To Think About Insurance!

Here’s a checklist of some considerations you should give to insurance if you are getting married or are newly married:

Insurance Companies – Are They Really As Bad As They Are Made Out To Seem?

The insurance companies determine the amount of premium based on their evaluation of the risks they are insuring. Insurance companies cannot pay losses that were not insured

Insurance – Sample Cancellation Letter

The first step prior to writing the cancellation letter is to look to your policy to see if there are any provisions regarding cancellation and notification of your insurer. There may be instructions regarding how to cancel your policy – how many days not

What Does a Dental Insurance Policy Cover?

Depending on the dental insurance coverage you select, you’ll either have your choice of any dentist or a dental plan network of dentists to choose from.

Insurance 101 – What Is It And Why Do I Need It?

Insurance only covers an unexpected, accidental loss. You can’t go out and purchase insurance after your home has been destroyed by a tornado or fire.

The General Auto Insurance Guide to Filing a Claim

So here’s the general auto insurance guide to filing a claim.

Build Your Own Discount Auto Insurance – Seek Out Savings on Car Coverage

Discounts are available from many companies if you buy more than one policy from them. Lump your boat insurance, motorcycle insurance and both car insurance policies in with your homeowner insurance and you could see significant savings on insurance in ge