How to Get Life Insurance if You’re Sick or Unhealthy

Like Monday morning quarterbacking, it’s easy to see that you should have bought life insurance when you were young and healthy instead of waiting till you’re pushing 50 or racking up health problems. If you suddenly find yourself among the nearly 5% of A

The Best Way to Get Cheap Teen Driver Insurance: Set a Good Example

Auto insurance for teenage drivers is high because the statistics show young drivers to be poor risks. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety claims that your 16-year-old driver is six times more likely to be in an accident than drivers age 30 to 59.

Health Care Insurance Update: Changes to COBRA in 2010

Part of last year’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA, aka the stimulus bill) included a federal COBRA premium subsidy for folks who lost their jobs between September 1, 2008 and December 31, 2009. Under its provisions, the federal government w

The Impact of Winter Weather on Home Insurance

You may be cozy inside while winter storms rage, but when the weather outside is frightful just imagine what it’s doing to your home. Every year, U.S. snow storms and freezing weather rack up over a billion dollars in homeowner insurance claims.

Don’t Be an Easy Mark for Holiday Car Theft

Nothing will put a damper on your holiday spirit faster than finding your car and all the Christmas gifts in it have been stolen while you were sipping an Egg Nog latte. Maybe ‘tis the season to jolly for most of us, but for thieves,‘tis the season to ste

Driving In Fog Safety Tips

Fog can happen any time of year, but it’s most likely to occur after a rainy period. In California and Florida, that means the late fall and early winter months. In fact, fog has caused some of the most horrific chain reaction car pile ups in California h

Driving Smart in Ice and Snow Can Drive Down Car Insurance Costs

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, you are 36 percent more likely to be in a car accident in January than in July. Accidents mean more claims on your automobile insurance policy, which will jack up the rates next time you loo

Develop Safe Driving Habits for Discount Auto Insurance Quotes

There are plenty of things that are out of your control, but the price you pay for car insurance isn’t one of them. By developing safe driving habits, you can qualify for significant discount auto insurance quotes.

Lower Your Car Insurance: Prepare Your Car for Winter Weather

You know the drill: make fewer claims on car insurance policy, get fewer unpleasant surprises when you renew or shop for auto insurance quotes. Well, here comes winter weather and a real good opportunity to avoid damage, accidents and potentially higher p

For Homeowners Insurance Discounts Make Your Home More Secure

A barking dog may deter a thief, but it won’t get you any homeowners insurance discounts (and a biting dog could get your policy canceled). A much better bet is to do everything possible to secure your home from break-ins. Even something as small as inst

Want More Affordable Homeowners Insurance? Disaster-Proof Your Home.

Yes, you have the homeowners coverage to reimburse you for damages and losses, but one of the best ways to maintain affordable homeowners insurance is to avoid making claims altogether. And one of the best ways to do that is to make your home more disaste

Need a Homeowners Insurance Quote? Get a CLUE first.

In the market for a homeowners insurance quote? Here’s a little known fact you should know, especially if you’re considering purchasing an older home. Many insurance companies rely on a claims history database called CLUE (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting

Affordable Health Insurance. What Impact Would Real Portability Have?

Portability is one of the words that keeps popping up in the health care reform debates and the goal to provide Americans with affordable health insurance. Simply put, portability involves your ability to take your employer-provider health insurance with

Personal Health Care Insurance for College Students

College-bound students who were planning on coverage under their parents’ employer-provided health care insurance may need to add a personal health care insurance plan or college-provided plan to the rising cost of higher education. Blame the prolonged r

For Discount Auto Insurance, Think Safety First

Insurance companies will discount auto insurance for lots of different reasons including the safety rating of the vehicle you drive, the safety features on your car and your safe driving record. With every penny counting these days, any way you can save a

Discount Auto Insurance for Senior Drivers

Insurance companies take many factors into account when providing car insurance quotes, including maturity, driving experience and miles driven. So if you’re over 55, ask if you qualify for discount auto insurance.

Affordable Health Care Insurance Quotes Would Tort Reform Actually Help?

If you’ve been listening to the health care debates (hard to avoid if you have a pulse), you’ve probably heard that tort reform is one of the things that would make it easier for Americans to find affordable health insurance quotes.

‘Tis the Season to Shop Car Insurance Rates

The days dwindle down for 2009 (a good year to put behind us). Somewhere between the eggnog, shopping, wrapping and hall decking make a little time to shop for auto insurance quotes. Things change and you could be leaving a lot of money on the table if yo