Discount Auto Insurance for Senior Drivers

Insurance companies take many factors into account when providing car insurance quotes, including maturity, driving experience and miles driven.  So if you’re over 55, ask if you qualify for discount auto insurance. Be sure to mention if you’re retired and no longer commute to work, as this may net you an additional low mileage discount.  Some insurance companies also offer discount auto insurance to seniors who complete a mature driving course such as the one offered by AAA.

Of course, the best way to qualify for more affordable auto insurance is to maintain a safe driving record. Older drivers face some challenges on the road that most younger drivers don’t. Here are some tips to help seniors drive safer.

Brush up on the rules of the road. Depending on where you live, you may be required to take an annual driving test as you age. You might even want to consider enrolling in a professional driving school. If you do, be sure to note that when shopping for car insurance quotes as it might get you a discount on auto insurance.

Stay healthy. In certain municipalities, you may be required to notify the DMV of an medical conditions that could affect your driving.  On the same topic, check your medications including over the counter drugs to see which might impair your ability to drive. As people age, the affects of medication combined with a lack of sleep or alcohol are magnified.

Don’t drink and drive. Your metabolism changes as you age and that one glass of beer or wine could affect your judgment and reaction time much more than it might have when you were younger.

One of the most common automobile accidents involving senior drivers is making improper left turns. Avoid them altogether when you can by adjusting your routes. Better to go a little out of the way than to risk a wreck that will wipe out your discount auto insurance savings.

Observe the proper speed limit. Many older drivers err on the side of caution and drive too slowly. This can cause as many accidents as speeding.

Don’t tailgate. Your reactions aren’t what they used to be. Leave plenty of braking room between you and the car in front.

Keep your windows, mirrors and headlights clean so your vision won’t be impaired.


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