For Discount Auto Insurance, Think Safety First

Insurance companies will discount auto insurance for lots of different reasons including the safety rating of the vehicle you drive, the safety features on your car and your safe driving record. With every penny counting these days, any way you can save a few dollars is well worth the effort.

How would your vehicle hold up in a crash? It pays to find out, especially if you’re in the market for a new or used car. You can find out easily by visiting the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s website. They post the safety ratings of different makes and models by category, based on a number of different tests such as 40 mph frontal offset, side crash test, rear crash protection/head restraint and the new roof crush rating system. The safer your vehicle rates, the more likely you are to qualify for discount auto insurance.

Late model cars come equipped with front air bags as standard equipment, but consider adding side-mounted air bags, which will significantly decrease your risk of injury in a t-bone collision and may qualify for a discount on your auto insurance.

Be sure to mention that your car is equipped with antilock brakes when looking for car insurance quotes. Some states even require insurers to offer car insurance discounts for vehicles that have antilock brakes.

While modern cars come with seatbelts for all passengers, adding belts to an older car may qualify for a discount.  If you have the automatic type of belts, this could qualify, too.

Is your car equipped with daytime running lights? Your automobile insurance company may offer a discount if it is.

Your good habits can also make your car insurance quotes more affordable.

Keep your tires properly inflated to lessen the chance of a roll-over.

Drive with your headlights on in the daytime to increase your visibility.  Some states, including California, require this when weather conditions are poor.

Keep your windows, mirrors and headlights clean.

Drive defensively and stay alert. Talking on a cell phone, chatting with passengers and even playing your radio too loud can all impair your ability to react quickly.

Always wear your seat belt.

Take a defensive driving course.


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