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5 Ways to Save on Small Business Insurance

2020 has been a bizarre year for small businesses. Entrepreneurs and small business owners stood proudly in the face of a pandemic, held our collective breath during a historic election, and learned a whole new way of living and working. The economy has changed. Research by McKinsey proves what we already suspected: consumers are behaving […]

Insurance for Delivery Drivers

The huge potential for delivery services has been made even more apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus first made its way into American communities in early 2020; since the lockdown measures took place in March job loss has grown exponentially. And the delivery gigs that had taken hold before the pandemic claimed an important […]

Contents Insurance Coverage – What Does It Cover?

Contents Insurance – What Is It? When you insure your home, you’re also insuring most of the stuff in the house and on the property. A segment of coverage, contents insurance is also known as personal property coverage. It helps pay for repairing or replacing personal items that have been damaged by a fire or […]

Open Enrollment 2021 – What You Should Know

Are you ready for Open Enrollment for 2021? In most states, the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, is open for enrollment starting November 1, 2020 through December 15, 2020. When you enroll, your plan will start January 1, 2021. What is Open Enrollment? If you want to enroll in an Obamacare health plan, switch to […]

Loss of Use Coverage – Do You Need It?

Loss of Use Coverage – You Might Need It Loss of use auto coverage is just what it says it is—insurance coverage tapped into when you have lost use of your vehicle. If you’re been in an accident, loss of use insurance helps you with resulting disruptions in your standard of living. Besides auto insurance, […]

Classic Car Insurance – All You Need to Know

Your classic car or truck is a treasure! You’ve been carefully restoring this gem for years, or you invested in a custom beauty, built by professionals. Regardless of how you became a steward of this special auto, it must be adequately insured. Standard consumer auto policies are not a great fit for classic cars. Today, […]

How to Protect Your Business from Fire

Why You Should Protect Your Business from Fire Emergencies happen. That’s why commercial insurance exists – to protect your investments in structures, inventory and technology from the peril of fire and related perils like smoke damage. Fire is one of the most common causes of property damage for business owners. More than 40% of small businesses […]

How Does a Credit Score Affect Car Insurance?

How Your Car Insurance Premiums Are Affected by Your Credit Score Your credit score affects your interest rate on a loan. Similarly, your credit score affects car insurance premiums as well. Lower scores typically correlate with higher rates. California, Hawaii and Massachusetts are the only states that do not allow credit to be used in […]

Ordinance or Law Coverage – Do You Need It?

If your answer to the question “What is ordinance or law coverage?” is something like “Um, I have no idea,” take solace in knowing you are in good company. Even if you may have heard of ordinance or law insurance coverage and have a vague idea of what it is used for, you may not […]

What Is The Difference Between DWI and DUI

Learn the Difference Between DWI and DUI According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motor vehicle accidents involving an alcohol-impaired driver kill 29 people a day, or 10,000 every year. That number, which adds up to one person every 50 minutes, is actually an improvement; the number of deaths due to impaired driving […]

Proof of Insurance Ultimate Guide

Proof of Insurance: What it Is and How to Get It As a driver, there are a few items you should always keep with you in order to be at the ready if asked to show them: Your driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance. Let’s take a look at proof of insurance, which […]

What To Do If You Lose Employer Sponsored Health Insurance

Here’s What to Do If You Lose Employer Sponsored Health Insurance Since roughly half of U.S. workers get health insurance through their employers, high unemployment during the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a high number of people losing their health care coverage. Unemployment rose more in the initial three months of COVID-19 than it did […]

How to File a Homeowners Insurance Claim

The Ins and Outs of Filing a Homeowners Insurance Claim When your home is hit by a burglar, vandalized, damaged in a storm when a tree falls on it, has a leak that turns quickly floods your bathroom or has a roof fire due to a lightning strike, is it time to file a homeowners […]

How to Cancel Car Insurance

 What to Do When You Want to Cancel Your Car Insurance There are a few reasons you might want to change car insurance carriers. Maybe you’re moving somewhere your provider doesn’t operate. Could be you don’t like the customer service you’ve received. Or, you may have found a better policy with a different insurance […]

Pay Per Mile Car Insurance – How Does it Work?

Pay-per-mile car insurance can be an affordable auto insurance option for certain customers. But it’s not right for everyone. Throughout this article we’ll refer to it using three names: pay per mile, pay-per-mile and PPM. Know that we’re referencing the same type of insurance every time. Here we’ll explain ​how pay per mile car insurance […]

Life Insurance Medical Exam Ultimate Guide

A Guide to Life Insurance Medical Exams When you purchase life insurance coverage, you will likely be asked to have a medical exam. The insurer will determine how much of a risk you are, first with an interview followed by a physical exam administered by a medical professional, typically a paramedical, such as a nurse. […]

How to Transfer a Car Title

Selling Your Car? Here’s How to Transfer a Car Title Whether you want to sell your car, give it away or donate it to a non-profit organization, you are going to need to transfer the car’s title to the new owner. How you do that depends on what state you live in and other circumstances, […]

How Do I File a Life Insurance Claim?

Why Do We Need Life Insurance Coverage? There are few things, if any, that can compare to the agony of losing a loved one. Such ordeals often leave the bereaved with emotional and psychological scars which can take years to recover from. The situation can become even worse if the deceased is a bread winner […]