Life Insurance Medical Exam Ultimate Guide

A Guide to Life Insurance Medical Exams When you purchase life insurance coverage, you will likely be asked to have a medical exam. The insurer will determine how much of a risk you are, first with an interview followed by a physical exam administered by a medical professional, typically a paramedical, such as a nurse. […]

How to Transfer a Car Title

Selling Your Car? Here’s How to Transfer a Car Title Whether you want to sell your car, give it away or donate it to a non-profit organization, you are going to need to transfer the car’s title to the new owner. How you do that depends on what state you live in and other circumstances, […]

How Do I File a Life Insurance Claim?

Why Do We Need Life Insurance Coverage? There are few things, if any, that can compare to the agony of losing a loved one. Such ordeals often leave the bereaved with emotional and psychological scars which can take years to recover from. The situation can become even worse if the deceased is a bread winner […]

Is Homeowners Insurance Tax Deductible?

Is homeowners insurance tax deductible? No. Aside from a few exceptions that we’ll cover here, ​homeowner’s insurance is not tax deductible.​ Nor are other property insurance policies you might buy, like ​flood insurance​ or earthquake insurance. If you work from home or run your business from home, you will be able to deduct a ​portion​ […]

Cheap Car Insurance with Bad Credit

How to Get Cheap Car Insurance When You Have Bad Credit It is not unusual to have a tough time keeping a good credit rating, especially during economic downturns. If you have bad credit scores it can affect your car insurance rates, raising them higher than you’d like. Take some comfort in knowing that you […]

Medical Malpractice Insurance Guide

A Helpful Guide to Medical Malpractice Insurance Mistakes happen, and so does negligence. When they occur in the medical field, it can be devastating for patients and their families and expensive for the health care professionals involved. And that’s where medical malpractice insurance comes in. The patient who dies or is injured due to (or […]

Do I Need Flood Insurance?

Imagine a flood at your home right now. You’re probably thinking of an epic, biblical event! With chest-high waters and the neighbor’s dog swimming by, you turn and imagine your home being washed away by an ocean of water. Sometimes floods look like that, but not every time. They’re usually more subtle. Even if you […]

Does Refinancing a Car Affect Your Car Insurance?

If you’re thinking about refinancing the loan on your vehicle and wondering whether it will affect your car insurance premiums or coverages, you’re in the right spot. There is a good chance that refinancing will alter your car insurance premiums. But exactly how much? It’s difficult to say until we know all the details. We […]

What Happens If You Get Hit By an Uninsured Driver?

What Could Happen if You are Hit by an Uninsured Driver Did you know that, as of 2018, an average of 13 percent of drivers nationally do not have auto insurance? This despite the fact that car insurance is required at some level in almost all states. The percentage varies by state, with Florida having […]

No Fault Insurance: How Does It Work?

No-Fault Insurance: How Does it Work? If you live in a state with traditional (tort) auto insurance, when you are in an accident claims are filed with the at-fault driver’s insurance provider. But, thirteen states (including Puerto Rico) that have enacted some form of no-fault insurance, with which each driver submits claims to their own […]

Michigan Car Insurance Requirements

Driving Statistics for the Great Lakes State Michigan is the 10th largest state by population and 11th in terms of land area. This balance between population and road area has benefited Michiganians, as they are the 15th safest state in the country, when measured by amount of deaths per miles driven. Year: 2018 Statistics (totals) […]

Arizona Car Insurance Requirements

Driving Statistics for the Grand Canyon State Arizona is the 14th largest state by population, but the 6th largest in terms of land area. Although Arizonians aren’t crunched for space on their roads, they are rather unsafe drivers, as shown by them ranking the 3rd highest in deaths per mile driven in the country. Year: […]

Maryland Car Insurance Requirements

Driving Statistics for the Old Line State Maryland is a fairly congested state, ranking as the 9th smallest state within the U.S. according to land area, and the 19th largest according to population. Although there’s not much road available in the Old Line State, Maryland drivers are incredibly safe, ranking as the best 8th safest […]

Medigap Plans – All You Need to Know

Medigap Plans: What You Need to Know If you’re new to Medicare, you’ll no doubt find that the system is often confusing. Let’s talk about something that can add to your confusion: Medigap. What is a Medigap Plan? Medigap insurance is designed to supplement regular Medicare, filling often expensive gaps not covered by Medicare. Quick […]

Homeowners Insurance After Dog Bites

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Dog Bites? If your dog bites a visitor in your home, are you covered for liability in your homeowners insurance? Maybe, maybe not. Dog Bite Statistics Dog bites are fairly common, with roughly 4.5 million individuals bitten by dogs annually. Bite rates are highest among children, especially kids ages 5 to […]

Texas Car Insurance Requirements

Driving Statistics for the Lone Star State Texas is the second largest state by both population and land mass. Although there are several miles of highway, and a ton of drivers in the Lone Star State, Texans generally are safe drivers, ranking 17th in deaths per mile driven. Year: 2018 Statistics (totals) Miles Driven (millions) […]

Do You Need Disability Car Insurance?

Disability Car Insurance – Do You Need It? Do you need disability car insurance? First of all, there is no such thing. But there is good news: you can purchase insurance policy add-ons to attach as riders to your regular insurance. The American Disabilities Act (ADA) Thanks to ADA, it is illegal for insurance companies […]

New York Car Insurance Requirements

Driving Statistics for the Empire State New York is the 4th largest state by population and ranks in the middle of the pack when measured by land area (27th). Often referred to as one of the largest cities in the world, with a great public transit system. Which is why, it comes as no surprise […]