Is Your Small Business Protected from ADA Lawsuits?

Learn how ADA compliance issues affect small businesses.

New ADAAA Regulations and Small Business EPLI, Part One

New ADAAA regulations go into effect May 24, 2011. Understand their impact and get quotes online for Employment Practices Liability.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance for Non-Profits

If you’re one of the many small non-profits operating on a shoestring and hanging on by a thread in this crummy economy, it only takes one disgruntled employee with a claim of wrongful termination, harassment or improper treatment to put an end to all you

Protect Your Small Business with Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Technically, you’re a small business if you have no more than 50 employees. But in reality, most small businesses are a whole lot smaller than that. The last U.S. census estimated that about three quarters of America’s 25,409,525 businesses had no payroll

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EPLI Insurance – The Business Coverage You Can’t Afford to be Without

Your Employment Practices Liability Insurance policy can help protect you from a smorgasbord of potential law suits, if you take care to get the broadest coverage available.