How to Check a Life Insurance Company’s Financial Rating

Whether you’re considering whole life insurance or term life insurance, you’re looking at a commitment of anywhere from 10 to 30 years. And, since you’re probably buying life insurance to provide financial security for your spouse or dependents, you want

Life Insurance with No Medical Exam

Before they’ll insure your life, most insurance carriers want to know whether you have any medical conditions or lifestyle behaviors that statistics say will shorten your life and increase the odds they’ll have to pay a death benefit sooner than they’d li

Types of Term Life Insurance

Dollar for dollar, term life insurance is a great value with highly competitive offerings, so it pays to shop around. Depending on the carrier, there are even types of term life with no medical exam. When looking for term life insurance quotes online, h

Key Executive Insurance

Essentially, key executive insurance is a basic term life insurance policy, with benefit values ranging from half a million to $5 million.

Life Insurance for Senior Adults – An Affordable Safeguard in Today’s Economy

If you’re a senior citizen (or approaching senior citizenship) and your financial picture isn’t as rosy as you’d hoped, consider life insurance.

Life Insurance – How Much Do I Need?

The purpose of life insurance is so that your family is not devastated financially at the same time as being devastated emotionally by its loss.

Life Insurance – Do I Need It?

Life insurance is a small price to pay in exchange for being able to live your life knowing that your family is taken care of, no matter what life may hold.

The Hidden Cost Of “Low Cost Term Life Insurance”

Low cost term life insurance is not always the best bargain when you weigh all the facts