Life Insurance – Do I Need It?

Life insurance isn’t the most pleasant topic, so many of us put off thinking about it. But, purchasing life insurance shouldn’t be delayed – it is an important decision because it insures your family’s future. Everyone should consider purchasing life insurance, particularly if you are married, have a child (particularly if you are a single parent!), support an elderly parent (or want to in the future if necessary) or care for another family member.

One reason to search for life insurance quotes now is that the younger and healthier you are, the cheaper your premium will be. One benefit to purchasing life insurance is that unlike most other investments or inheritance options, life insurance is not subject to federal income tax upon your death. Of course, the biggest benefit of purchasing life insurance is that you can live knowing that no matter what the future holds, your family will be protected.

Imagine if your spouse suddenly had to cope with losing you, or you losing your spouse. That would be bad enough as it is. But, what if you or your spouse, in addition to having to face such a tragedy and help your children through such a difficult time, also had major financial concerns? If your spouse works, you’d be forced to make do solely on your income. If your spouse doesn’t work outside the home, but rather takes care of the children and household, you’d be forced to make do on your salary, but would also have to pay childcare and certain additional household expenses. Although life insurance cannot save your or your loved one’s life, it can “save” the lifestyle that you’ve worked so hard to build. It can also save you or your loved ones from having to deal with the stress of dealing with financial hardship at a time that is already so difficult.

Consider purchasing life insurance for yourself and your spouse. Life insurance is a small price to pay in exchange for being able to live your life knowing that your family is taken care of, no matter what life may hold.


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